Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

The Planning Board helps the Village Council with long range planning. The Planning Board also hears requests to change the Zoning Map and on requests to change the Zoning Ordinance text. The Planning Board is a recommending Board and all recommendations are forwarded to the Village Council for final decision.

The Board of Adjustment makes decisions on requests for variance from the Zoning ordinance. The Board also makes decisions on appeals to decisions made by the Zoning officer. These decisions are final and may only be appealed through the courts.

Members of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment (dual roles) are:

Mark Stephenson-      – Phone: 704-984-3843    (Term ending 6/30/18)                               Chairman to Both Boards

Jeff Watson –                                      – Phone: 704-463-0432   (Term ending 6/30/17)                                Vice Chair to Both Boards

Jon Byers –                                – Phone: 704-985-2795    (Term ending 6/30/19)

Ahren Burrage –          – Phone: 704-463-1529    (Term ending 6/30/18)

Lane Peeler –                              – Phone: 704-850-0035   (Planning Board Term ending 6/30/19) (Board of Adjustment Term ending 6/30/17)



Planning Board:            Judy Hammill –                 – Phone:  704-463-1820  (Term ending 6/30/17)

Board of Adjustment Peter Edquist – – Phone: 704-796-1044   (Term ending 6/30/19)