Village Officers


The Mayor is elected from the Village Council, serves as coordinator for Village Council business, and votes as a Council member.  The Mayor represents the Village and is authorized to sign documents on behalf of the Council and the Village.

              The Mayor is:

Mike “Frizbee” Herron                        Phone: 704-463-5840

          Mayor Pro Tem:

The Mayor Pro Tem is elected by the Council and serves as the Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable.  The Mayor Pro Tem has financial signature power.

              The Mayor Pro Tem is:

Jeff Watson                                   Phone: 704-463-0432

          Finance Officer:

The Finance Officer is elected by Council and is responsible for Village finances. The Finance Officer signs all financial documents.

              The Finance Officer is:

Micah Edquist                             Phone: 704-796-1009


The Administrator/Clerk maintains Village records, facilitates Village business, and tries to obtain requested information for Village residents.

              The Village Administrator/Clerk is:

Anita Blair                                          Phone: 704-463-1234

           Zoning Officer:

The Zoning Officer enforces the Village zoning ordinances. This position monitors all construction in the Village and receives applications from residents requesting changes in the zoning map or changes in zoning ordinance text.

             The Zoning Officer is:

Matt Flanagan                         Phone: 704-463-3000

          Police Chief:

The Police Chief supervises four (4) full time officers plus three (3) part time officers. The Police Department provides a twenty-four (24) hour schedule of protection for the Village.

              The Police Chief is:

Erik S. McGinnis                                    Phone: 704-463-3001

          Flood Plain Administrator:

The Flood Plain Administrator is responsible for enforcing the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. The administrator oversees the flood plain and  answers questions about flood insurance.

            The Flood Plain Administrator is:

Erik S. McGinnis                                      Phone: 704-463-3001