FALL 2011 NEWSLETTER VILLAGE OF MISENHEIMER PO Box 100 Misenheimer, NC 28109-0100 P: 704-463-1234 F: 704-463-1107 www.villageofmisenheimer.com EMERGENCY: 911 POLICE Office: 704-463-3000


• Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Bulk Waste Pickup • Saturday, October 29, 2011 11AM until 3PM Village Celebration-Pork BBQ Lunch • Sunday, November 6, 2011 Daylight Savings Time Ends • Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Election Day-Please VOTE • Friday, November 11, 2011 Veteran’s Day • Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Bagged Leaf & Yard Waste Pickup

Waste Pickups:

Bulk Waste Roadside Pickup on Tuesday, October 25, 2011: Bulk Waste includes large items such as furniture, large auto parts, trees, branches, stumps, and other oversize wastes whose large size precludes or complicates their handling by normal solid waste collection, processing, or disposal methods. Please-NO whole house clean outs.

Bagged Leaf & Yard Waste Roadside Pickup on Tuesday, November 15, 2011: Yard Waste includes small tree limbs and bagged leaves, NOT to include debris resulting from private landscaping, commercial/professional landscaping or debris caused by storms or other inclement weather.

Stanly County Solid Waste Disposal: Residents can also utilize the Convenience Centers for waste disposal. Refer to www.co.stanly.nc.us and click on Departments/Convenience Site Information for a list of sites and what items they will accept or not.

Please contact the Village office (704-463-1234) if you are experiencing any garbage (every Tuesday) and/or recycling (every other Thursday) problems with our Waste Management pickups.

Village of Misenheimer Fall Cookout Celebration:

Please join your neighbors on Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 11AM until 3PM for a FREE BBQ Pork lunch with slaw & chips at the Village of Misenheimer Community Building on Lion’s Club Road-Rain or Shine. There will be fun games for all ages. Please bring your favorite dessert to share with your neighbors. We look forward to seeing you there!

Village of Misenheimer Elections Tuesday, November 8, 2011:

Michael Burrage has served on the Village Council since 2008. He is employed with Schult Homes.

Jim Gulledge has served on the Village Council since early 2011. He is employed with Pfeiffer University.

Sidewalks for the Village of Misenheimer Update:

The Village must spend Powell Bill funds before June 30, 2011 or the funds will revert back to the State of NC. Sidewalks are planned to be built from Pfeiffer Place to the Village limits at the Substation on NC Highway 52 South. In addition, the Council is evaluating repairs and improvements to the existing sidewalk from the University to Pfeiffer Place. The Council is coordinating with Richfield to extend the sidewalks through a small portion of unincorporated property between the Village of Misenheimer and Richfield. The eventual goal is to have a sidewalk from the Village to the shopping center located in Richfield at the intersection of NC Highways 52 and 49.

Gladstone Academy Restoration Update:

The property on Wesley Chapel Road has been cleared of debris, graded, and the grounds seeded. The Council is currently researching historical restoration options and grants.

Carolina Thread Trail Grant Award:

The Village of Misenheimer, Richfield, and New London were awarded $20,000.00 toward the corridor design for a portion of the Carolina Thread Trail. The grant must be matched by $10,000.00 which will be shared equally by the three communities. When completed, the Carolina Thread Trail will stretch through 15 counties in NC. The Carolina Thread Trail will provide natural areas and recreational paths for running, hiking, biking, paddling, and walking. A completed portion of the Carolina Thread Trail is currently open in Albemarle. The Council will be soliciting public input and involvement in the next couple of months. To learn more about the Carolina Thread Trail visit www.carolinathreadtrail.org/

Reverse 911 and Blackboard Connect Notification Systems:

During the September tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service, residents’ telephone numbers were called by the Stanly County 911 system to alert them to the adverse weather conditions. The Village of Misenheimer also subscribes to the Blackboard Connect notification system from Stanly County.

October is Fire Safety Month:

Be sure to check or replace your battery in your smoke/carbon monoxide detector. Be sure to test your smoke/carbon monoxide detector. Be sure to identify two exits in the event of a fire. Have a FAMILY EMERGENCY FIRE EXIT PLAN. GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

For more information related to fire prevention and safety, visit www.homesafetycouncil.org



OCTOBER 10, 2011

  • 1.     Call to Order
  • 2.     Moment of Reflection/Introspection
  • 3.     Introduction of Visitors
  • 4.     Approval of Agenda
  • 5.     Approval of September 12, 2011 Minutes
  • 6.     Wesley Chapel Community Issue Plan/Resolution
  • 7.     Administrative Report
  • 8.     Police Update from Interim Chief McGinnis
  • 9.     Gladstone Academy Restoration Update
  • 10.   Sidewalk & Possible Community Sidewalk Planning Grant Update
  • 11.    Possible Road Maintenance Responsibility transfer from NCDOT to Village & Resolution
  • 12.    Speed Bump & Speed Limit on Merner Terrace
  • 13.    Carolina Thread Trail Grant Award September 15, 2011
  • 14.    Sewer Trunk Line Update
  • 15.    BBQ Celebration Planning
  • 16.    Other Business
  • 17.    Adjournment

  • Next Council Meeting scheduled for Monday, November 14, 2011 7PM

Minutes-Village Council September 12, 2011

Present: Michael Riemann, Mayor Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Burrage, Finance Officer Jim Gulledge, Council Member Pam Humphrey, Clerk

Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM declaring a quorum present.

Moment of Reflection/Introspection: Introduction of Visitors: Erica Benjamin with Stanly News and Press (recording the meeting) and Ann and Paul Key, residents of the Village.

Approval of Agenda: Herron made a motion to approve the Agenda for the meeting. The motion was seconded by Burrage and was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Approval of Minutes from August 8, 2011 Council Meeting: Herron made a motion to accept the August 8, 2011 Minutes with no revisions. The motion was seconded by Gulledge and was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Wesley Chapel Community Issue: Ann and Paul Key, residents of the Village residing on Wesley Chapel Road appeared before the Council to discuss the recent situation with the rental property across the street from their home owned by Ms. Joines. The Keys stated that the rental property has a history of being rented to Pfeiffer University students. The Keys explained that there have been loud parties at the rental house since school started this Fall at Pfeiffer. In particular, a party on Saturday, September 10, 2011 became loud at approximately 9:30PM. The Keys estimated approximately one hundred (100) people walking to the rental property where the party was located. The noise at the rental property continued to be so loud that the Keys contacted the Village Police at 11:15PM and again at midnight.

Officer Thompson was on duty Saturday, September 10, 2011 and visited the rental property three (3) times that evening. His Miscellaneous Incident Report states that he did not notice any noise or any possible underage drinking.

The Keys made phone calls and/or sent emails to the President of Pfeiffer and the Pfeiffer athletic coaches to advise them of the party at the rental property. Pictures of the rental property after the party were also taken by the Keys and emailed to the Village. The Keys contend that the parties at the rental property are a nuisance to the neighborhood.

The Mayor advised that he would work with the Village Chief of Police to develop a strategy to privately resolve this situation and contact the Keys regarding the strategy.

Administrative Report: Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk, presented the Administrative Report covering August 8, 2011 through September 12, 2011. The presentation included a recap of the meetings attended by the Mayor, Clerk, and Council member (Edquist-Stanly County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)) and various reports completed and filed on behalf of the Village.

Additional quotes for maintenance to the Village office building originally tabled to be discussed at the September 12, 2011 Council Meeting were re-scheduled for the October 10, 2011 Council Meeting.

The Mayor advised that he had been working with Richfield, New London, and Dana Stoogenke, Rocky River Rural Planning Organization (RRRPO) to apply for a sidewalk planning grant. This grant is not applicable to the Powell Bill related sidewalk project(s).

Pam Humphrey, Clerk, advised that the audit to be performed by Maxton McDowell, CPA for the June 30, 2011 fiscal year-end was planned for the week of October 3, 2011 as the financial records had been received back from Greg Blake, CPA. The auditors have requested a document outlining the accounting procedures utilized during FY 2010/2011. The Clerk prepared a draft for the Mayor, Finance Officer, and Mayor Pro-Tem’s review and comment. She also noted that she had started work on the Cash Management Policy per the LGC203 for the Village and intends to discuss this with the auditors when they are on-site in October 2011. She plans to have a draft of the policy to discuss at the October 10, 2011 Council Meeting. The Clerk announced that the Village’s Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) required updating due to IRS changes. In addition, the Clerk advised that she is examining vendors that may qualify for electronic payment and will advise the Mayor and the Finance Officer of those that may qualify.

Gladstone Academy Update: Mayor Riemann advised that debris from inside the building has been removed. There are potential interior and exterior structural issues to be examined more fully. It was also noted that large tree limbs were removed from an oak tree near the near the building in order to protect the building from damage from these low hanging limbs. The property is scheduled to be completed for grading and grass seeding the week of September 19, 2011. The Mayor estimates that approximately $4,300.00 has been spent so far. The Mayor has also emailed the State Historical Society to get their assistance regarding further restoration.

Sidewalk Discussion: Mayor Riemann advised that he had retained Brown, Brown & Brown, P.L.L.C. as attorneys to research the property records along US 52 where the existing four (4) foot wide sidewalk is located. The Village has spent $400.00 for initial attorney fees. This property is part of the original Pfeiffer University neighborhood. The neighborhood covenants require at least a four (4) foot sidewalk. The Village would like to replace the existing sidewalk with a five (5) foot sidewalk that would meet the five (5) foot Powell Bill sidewalk planned for the sidewalk section from Pfeiffer Place to the Substation at the Village limits. Burrage commented that perhaps the Village should consider just repairing the existing four (4) foot sidewalk that would meet the five (5) foot Powell Bill sidewalk. Mayor Riemann commented that five (5) foot sidewalks allow most pedestrians to walk side by side vs. in a single file which is less preferable.

Mayor Riemann recommends that he talk with each of the property owners regarding the sidewalks. In addition, he requested the Council approve an additional $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 in attorney fees for further legal consultation and research. Gulledge made the motion to approve the additional attorney fees requested by Mayor Riemann. Riemann seconded the motion and it was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Mayor Riemann continues to work on the Powell Bill related sidewalk project(s). He is scheduled to attend a Powell Bill session sponsored by the NC Metro Mayors in Greensboro Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

TCC/TAC Alternate Designation for Rocky River Rural Planning Organization (RRRPO):

Pam Humphrey, Clerk, was nominated as the alternate for the RRRPO Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC). Peter Edquist, Council Member, was nominated as the elected official alternate for the RRRPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Gulledge made the motion to accept the nominations as noted above. Herron seconded the motion and it was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Carolina Thread Trail Committee Selection: As of the September 12, 2011 Council Meeting, the Village had not been notified regarding their possible grant award for the Carolina Thread Trail. However, we are encouraged that we may be seriously considered for the grant. There was Council discussion regarding the possibility of tweaking the location of the trail route should we be awarded the grant.

The design firm noted within the grant suggested that we consider residents to serve as Committee members. The Council discussed several community members to contact to ask for their commitment should the Village be awarded the grant. We hope to be advised of the award of the grant before the end of September 2011.

Fall Cookout Discussion/Planning:

The Village will again schedule the community cookout for the last Saturday in October which falls on October 29, 2011. Burrage has contacted the vendor that will cook the BBQ pork. The pork will be cooked off-site and will then be brought to the Community Building to be served in steamers. This method will be less expensive than cooking the pork onsite at the Community Building as has been done in the past. We have been advised that the Open Door Baptist Church will be utilizing the same vendor for their BBQ chicken fund raiser scheduled for Friday, October 28, 2011. Additional planning for this event will occur at the October 10, 2011 Council Meeting.

Waste Management Special Pickup Schedule (Bulk Waste/Leaves):

Waste Management has the Village scheduled for the following fall special pickups:

Bulk Waste: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yard Waste: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Village plans to include information for residents regarding what to include or exclude for these special pickups in the Fall Newsletter expected to be delivered to residents late September, 2011.

Newsletter Items:

The Council discussed including the following items in the Fall 2011 Newsletter: • Waste Management special pickup dates for Fall 2011 (as noted above) • Community Cookout Saturday, October 29, 2011 • Mayor’s radio show on 1010AM • Reverse 911 and Blackboard Connect call usage • Sidewalk project(s) status • Gladstone Academy renovation status • Survey of Village services to be prepared by Gulledge

Letter of Endorsement for the Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant: Mayor Riemann requested that the Council endorse the CCOG’s grant endorsement request in an effort to support planning for the county’s future. Burrage made the motion to approve the letter of endorsement. Herron seconded the motion and it was passed by a 4/0 vote.

Sewer Trunk Line Discussion: Mayor Riemann advised that he had talked with Paul Smith who recently purchased the DavidCyn Apartments. Mr. Smith was interested in accessing public sewer for his property which is in the northern portion of the Village limits along US 52. Mayor Riemann had talked with Andy Lucas, Stanly County Manager, regarding bringing a sewer trunk line in to the Village. A rough estimate of possibly $250,000.00 was noted to bring a sewer trunk line in to the Village. Mayor Riemann suggested that the Village should discuss the sewer situation with all large land owners of the Village to determine their interest and then get back with Andy Lucas.

Mayor Riemann recommended that the Village pursue having an engineer examine the extension of a sewer trunk line. The Mayor estimated that an engineering study may cost between $5,000.00-$10,000.00. Burrage commented that light manufacturing would require sewer facilities. Gulledge commented that there have been many discussions regarding keeping the Village small, quiet, and rural. Burrage recommended that the engineering study be bid out and then the Council could approve the specific amount for the study. Herron made the motion to request bids for an engineering study for a sewer trunk line for the Village. Burrage seconded the motion and it was passed by a vote of 3/1 with Gulledge abstaining.

Other Business: Gulledge asked about the sirens he heard on Sunday, September 11, 2011. There were numerous emergency vehicles at the Gray Stone Day School. It appears that there was a suspected chlorine leak at the school. It was explained that the Richfield/Misenheimer Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for calling in or off all emergency responders. Gulledge requested that we consider utilizing the Blackboard Connect Notification system to advise residents to remain away from the emergency site and to advise them regarding the situation. Mayor Riemann noted that the Village is considering utilizing the notification system for a variety of purposes. However, we need to get updated contact information from residents to effectively utilize the system capabilities.

There was no other business to discuss.

Adjournment: Herron made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:38PM. Burrage seconded the motion and it was approved by a 4/0 vote.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2011 at 7PM at the Community Building.


Village  Council

August 8,  2011

Present:               Michael Riemann, Mayor

Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem

Peter  Edquist, Council Member

Jim  Gulledge, Council Member

Pam  Humphrey, Clerk

Call to Order:     Mayor Riemann called the meeting to  order at 7:00 PM declaring a quorum present.

Moment of  Reflection/Introspection:

Introduction of  Visitors:  Don Burris with Stanly  News and Press (recording the meeting) and Erik McGinnis, Village of Misenheimer Interim Police Chief.

Approval of  Agenda:  Edquist made a motion to  approve the Agenda for the meeting.  The  motion was seconded by Riemann and was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Approval of  Minutes from July 11, 2011 Regular Council Session and Public Hearing:  Gulledge made a motion to accept the July 11, 2011 Minutes with no revisions.  The  motion was seconded by Riemann and was approved by a 4/0 vote.  A minor typo was noticed subsequent to the  approval of the minutes.  It was  corrected and the Minutes were signed by the Mayor and Clerk.

Administrative  Report:   Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk,  presented the Administrative Report covering July 12, 2011 through August 7,  2011.   The presentation included a recap of the  meetings attended by the Mayor, Clerk, Council member (Edquist-Stanly County Convention and Visitors Bureau), and Planning Board member (Henderson-Zoning  training coordinated by New London) and various reports completed and filed on  behalf of the Village.  The Mayor  reported that a quote had been obtained to make minor repairs and to paint the inside and/or outside portions of the Community Building and the Village Police  Building.  The quote came in higher than  expected.  More quotes will be obtained  to discuss at the next Council Meeting scheduled for September 12, 2011.

Mayor Riemann also commented on the new crosswalk planned  by DOT at Pfeiffer University.  The old  crosswalk will remain and the two lights will now be of a different variety, timed  to operate in tandem for pedestrians crossing NC Highway 52.  In addition, Mayor Riemann stated that the  Volunteer Fire Department requested to paint the pavement with a hydrant symbol  in order to quickly direct fire fighters to the water hydrants.  Council decided it would have no problems  with the hydrant marking as long as the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and Pfeiffer University had no issues.

Mayor Riemann discussed the Village’s policy and response  to donation requests.  The Council stated  that they would prefer for the Mayor and Clerk to initially screen donation  requests with a preference for those within the Village limits to be given  preference for presentation to the Council.

The Financial Items listed in the Administrative Report  were discussed by Pam Humphrey, Clerk, later in the meeting as a part of the Financial Matters Agenda Item.

Police Report for July 2011:  Erik McGinnis, Interim  Police Chief, presented the July 2011 Misenheimer Police Report.  The report recaps campus and state citations,  reports filed, and fire drills.  Edquist  asked McGinnis if the Village can utilize the speed trailer more often.  McGinnis responded that the Police Department  is analyzing requests to utilize the speed trailer in specific locations.  Edquist asked McGinnis if there are any  grants available for another speed trailer.  McGinnis responded that traffic statistics determine grant eligibility  and that he would continue to research grant opportunities.

Discussion of  Police Car Purchase for FY 2011/2012: Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief,  presented a Vehicle Report to discuss the possible addition of another vehicle.  Proposed vehicle options under  the NC State contract are as follows:

Full Size Vehicles Estimated Vehicle Cost

2012 Ford Police Interceptor (Available Spring 2012 on  Taurus frame)                      $25,000

2012 Dodge Charger (Smallest vehicle)                                                                                $21,587  (2011 cost/$1,900 savings)

2012 Chevrolet Caprice (Largest vehicle)                                                                              $25,273

Consider a used NC Highway Patrol vehicle                                                                          No estimate at this time

Vehicle Outfitting  (In addition to the cost of the vehicle)

Striping                                                                                                                                 $     550

Lighting (Prefer Slick top inside the vehicle)                                                                      $     850 (Roof = $1,175/$325 more)

Siren & control box for lights                                                                                                 $     450

Radio (Compatibility with other law enforcement required)                                         $     875

Console                                                                                                                                      $     380

Security Screen/Partition                                                                                                      $     500

In Car Camera/DVD System activated with emergency light usage                            $  4,995

Total                                                                                                                                         $ 8,600


Full Size Vehicles using Slick Top Lighting                                                                            Estimated Total Vehicle Cost

2012 Ford Police Interceptor (Available Spring 2012 on Taurus frame)                                                                                                                                          $ 33,600

2012 Dodge Charger (Smallest vehicle)                                                                                             $ 30,187

2012 Chevrolet Caprice (Largest vehicle)                                                                                          $ 33,873

Full Size Vehicles using Roof Mounted Lighting                                                               Estimated Total Vehicle Cost

2012 Ford Police Interceptor (Available Spring 2012 on Taurus frame)                                                                                                                                         $ 33, 925

2012 Dodge Charger (Smallest vehicle)                                                                                            $ 30,512

2012 Chevrolet Caprice (Largest vehicle)                                                                                         $ 34,198

Additional Costs to consider:

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for CAD/Dispatch                                                                          $ 3,500 – $ 4,500

CopVue Camera-Officer wears the camera & manually activates                                              $     800

Current Village of  Misenheimer Police Vehicles in Service:

1997 Ford Crown Victoria   (approximate mileage  125K)  Would assign to dummy/light duty.

2008 Ford Crown Victoria (approximate mileage    27K)   Would assign to daily duty.

2004 Ford Explorer 4WD  (approximate mileage    71K)   Would assign to inclement weather, tow &  backup duty.

A recap of the discussion regarding this Agenda item is as  follows:

  • Riemann commented that more information was necessary before a specific purchase recommendation could be made.  The Vehicle Report presented was intended as a starting point to begin the vehicle purchase discussions with the Council.  McGinnis intends to gather further information to present to the Council at future Council meetings.
  • McGinnis commented that he had not been able to inspect each vehicle to compare features to Village requirements.
  • Edquist recommended that the Village get a vehicle on order during FY 2011/2012.
  • Riemann commented that the FY 2011/2012 Budget could accommodate a lease or financing purchase arrangement in the $7, 000 total payments per year range.  In addition, the FY 2011/2012 Budget could be adjusted to accommodate a purchase with no financing.
  • Gulledge asked what the Village’s vehicle replacement measurement was.  McGinnis commented that the NC Highway Patrol replaces vehicles at the approximately 75,000 mile range.  The Village’s measurement is different due to the lower number of miles patrolled.
  • McGinnis emphasized that the on board camera and recording equipment should be seriously considered.
  • Riemann asked what other nearby law enforcement agencies utilized on board cameras and recording equipment.   McGinnis commented that the NC Highway Patrol, Badin Police and City of Albemarle Police utilize this type of  equipment.

Sidewalk Discussion:  Mayor Riemann presented the Sidewalk Recommendations document utilized at the July 14, 2011 Planning Board Meeting, the August 8, 2011 Sidewalk Project Cost Estimates (updated from the July 11, 2011 Planning Board meeting Sidewalk Project Cost Estimates), and the draft of the Minutes of the July 14, 2011 Planning Board Meeting to facilitate his presentation and Council discussions. Mayor Riemann recapped the following as it pertains to utilization of the Village Powell Bill fund balance of approximately $77,000.00 by June 30, 2012:

  • Since the Village currently does not maintain any roads, Powell Bill funding will be discontinued for FY 2011/2012.
  • The balance of our Powell Bill funds must be utilized on approved projects along public road right of way by June 30, 2012 or any remaining Powell Bill funds will revert back to the State.
  • In order to possibly be eligible to continue to receive Powell Bill funds in the future, it is recommended that we consider taking over .13 miles of SR1599 from NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT).  It would be preferable to take over this road’s maintenance after it has been paved or improved by NCDOT.
  • Richfield has agreed in principal to share the cost of paving a sidewalk in the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) with the Village.  This area encompasses public right of way between where the Village ends at NC Highway 52 South at the Substation and where the Richfield town limits begin on NC Highway 52  South.  This would allow a sidewalk to be in place from Pfeiffer University beginning at Pfeiffer Chapel at Merner Terrace to the shopping center in Richfield. The ETJ portion of the sidewalk is not eligible to be funded from Powell Bill funds.  It is estimated that the cost of the Village’s share of the sidewalk in the ETJ would cost approximately $15,000.00 to $20,000.00.
  • Richfield would also be responsible for sidewalk paving from their town limits on NC Highway 52 South to the shopping center.  Mayor Riemann will contact Richfield to confirm and if necessary request to formalize Richfield’s sidewalk paving commitment.
  • Sidewalk recommendations allow for a five (5) foot cement paved sidewalk.  This recommendation will require requesting additional right of way and will require legal assistance.  Powell Bill funds do not allow for the payment of legal fees.  Legal expenditures are estimated to cost approximately $2,000.00 and would be paid out of the General Fund.  Riemann made a motion to approve $2,000.00 for legal expenses related to securing additional right of way for sidewalks.  Edquist seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 4/0.

Sidewalk recommendations are listed in the following priority:

1. Pfeiffer Place to the Substation                 $13,631 (Estimate for engineering and construction)

2. SR1599                                                           $11,085 (Estimate for engineering and construction) 3. Wesley Chapel Road South                        $82,641  (Estimate for engineering and construction) 4. Wesley Chapel Road North                        $32,736  (Estimate for engineering and construction)

  • Priority 1 and 2 total $24,716.00 leaving  $52,284.00 for Priority 3 ($30,357.00 shortage).  Priority 4 is unlikely to be initiated.
  • Comments were made by Council regarding sidewalk  needs down both sides of Wesley Chapel Road.  Herron commented that his long-term goal would be to eventually have  sidewalks on both sides of all streets in the Village to support safe  pedestrian movement.  Edquist mentioned  that sidewalks may not be needed the entire length of Wesley Chapel Road as  there are few residents that would benefit where the road becomes more rural toward NC Highway 49.  Mayor Riemann commented that an engineering  study would determine which side of Wesley Chapel Road would be best to locate  a single sidewalk.
  • Comments were made by Council to consider  re-paving the existing sidewalk along NC Highway 52 South from Merner Terrace (past the rose garden) to Pfeiffer Place so that it would be consistent with  the new sidewalk from Pfeiffer Place to the Substation.  Sidewalk paving should also be consideredfrom the Pfeiffer Chapel to the end of the rose garden past Merner  Terrace.  This proposal would require  obtaining additional right of way from Pfeiffer University and property  owners.
  • Edquist made a motion to modify and accept the  sidewalk project priorities as follows:
  1. Pfeiffer Chapel to SubStation
  2. SR1599
  3. Wesley Chapel Road to Newport property with sidewalks on both sides of the street
  4. NC Highway 52 North to David-Cyn Apartments

Gulledge seconded the motion and it was  approved by a vote of 4/0.


Selection of Zoning  Officer:  The Planning Board was  solicited at their July 14, 2011 meeting for input regarding candidates for the  Village Zoning Officer.  They deferred a  candidate recommendation to the Council.  Riemann commented that Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief, prefers not  to assume these duties at this time as he is focusing his priorities on Police  matters.  Riemann commented that he could  be the Zoning Officer for the next six months with the intentions that another  candidate would be solicited.  Edquist  commented that he preferred the combination of Police Officer and Zoning  Officer responsibilities from a Zoning enforcement perspective.  Gulledge made a motion that Riemann assumes  the responsibilities of the Zoning Officer for the next six months.  Edquist seconded the motion and it was  approved by a 4/0 vote.

Modify 2011/2012  Pay Plan and Position Classification Plan: The plans need to be updated to include a classification for a  Corporal in the Police Department.   Gulledge made a motion to accept modifications to both plans to  incorporate the pay rate and position classification of Corporal in to the  2011/2012 plans.  Edquist seconded the motion and it was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Gladstone Building  Issues: 

Mayor Riemann commented that  he had been to the Gladstone property to determine which trees to save and  which ones to remove.  He also indicated  that he had been able to gain access to the interior of the building to examine  its condition.  Per the minutes of the  July 11, 2011 Council meeting, $3,100.00 had been approved to remove debris and  trees.  In addition, the $3,100.00  includes grading and seeding.  Mayor Riemann noted that a large oak tree near the building needs trimming.  He also noted that there is trash inside the  building that needs to be removed.  These  tasks are not included in the approved $3,100.00.  Mayor Riemann noted that the FY 2011/2012  Budget includes $5,000.00 for the Gladstone property restoration and that the  $1,000.00 grant received during FY 2010/2011 from Wal-Mart is earmarked to be utilized for the Gladstone restoration.   This would allow no more than the $2,900.00  difference to be utilized for additional tree trimming and interior trash  removal.  Herron made the motion to  utilize the remaining $2,900.00 for trash removal, tree trimming and if enough remained, a restoration plan.  Edquist  seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 4/0.

The Council agreed that the grading and grassing work  should start early September, 2011.   Edquist remarked that steps should be taken to remove insects, snakes,  rodents, etc. from the property to facilitate its restoration.   Edquist commented that he would make contact with a restoration company that he had noticed while in Mocksville, NC to see  if they might be appropriate to help us develop restoration plans.

Financial  Matters: 

The following financial  matters were discussed:

  • Pam Humphrey, Clerk, will research and draft a  written Cash Management Policy per the LGC-203 to present at the next Council meeting.
  • Pam Humphrey, Clerk, has been added to the  signatories at the Bank of Stanly and is coordinating signing responsibilities with Burrage and Herron.
  • Preparations have been made to begin the closing  of FY 2010/2011 with all parties involved.
  • Enrollment for student scholarships have been  confirmed via phone, email, and/or the college’s Admissions Department.  Scholarship monies will be mailed out the  week of August 8, 2011.
  • Stanly County has requested that we renew for  three (3) years our Blackboard Connect contract at a current cost of $108.87 per year.  Blackboard Connect is utilized  for telephonic notifications.  Herron  made a motion to approve the contract. Edquist seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 4/0.
  • Pam Humphrey, Clerk, was given her Oath to serve  the Village of Misenheimer by Mayor Riemann.

 Other  Business:  There was no other  business to discuss.

Adjournment:  Herron made the motion to adjourn the  meeting at 9:10PM.  Edquist seconded the  motion and it was approved by a 4/0 vote.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2011 at 7PM at the  Community Building.





Minutes-Village of Misenheimer Board of Adjustment Meeting July 14, 2011 7PM

Present: Donnie Day, Vice Chairman Nancy Henderson, Board Member Joel Rogers, Board Member Ahren Burrage, Board Member

Day opened the meeting at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum present. Rogers made a motion to approve the April 21, 2011 minutes. The motion was seconded by Henderson and approved by a 4/0 vote.

There were no Cases to be heard.

Mayor Riemann, who could not attend the meeting, requested that Board of Adjustment members consider attending the Zoning training being given in New London on Monday, 7/25/11 at 7PM. Members were requested to RSVP (phone or email) to New London if they were able to attend the training.

There were no Cases for consideration or determination. A motion was made by Rogers and seconded by Henderson to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 PM. The motion was approved by a vote of 4/0.

Minutes-Village of Misenheimer Planning Board Meeting July 14, 2011 7PM Community Building

Present: Donnie Day, Vice Chairman Nancy Henderson, Board Member Joel Rogers, Board Member Ahren Burrage, Board Member

Day opened the meeting at 7:05 PM and declared a quorum present. Henderson made a motion to accept the April 21, 2011 minutes. The motion was seconded by Rogers and approved by a 4/0 vote.

There were no Zoning Applications to consider.

Mayor Riemann, who could not attend the meeting, provided a Sidewalk Recommendations document for the Board’s review and comment. A copy of that document is attached with these minutes. The following were comments and/or questions raised by Board Members: • The Board agreed with Mayor Riemann regarding the priority of the projects listed (1. Sidewalk on Hwy 52 going toward Richfield 2. Sidewalk on Wesley Chapel Road South and 3. Sidewalk along Wesley Chapel Road North. • Day mentioned that he would prefer that no General Funds be used to complete any of these projects even if it meant returning Powell Bill funds back the State of NC. • There was discussion that Priority 2-Sidewalk along Wesley Chapel Road South only needed to go as far as the newly acquired Gladstone Academy property and/or as far out as land that may be acquired for an eventual park. • There was discussion regarding keeping Wesley Chapel Road more ‘’rural” in character and to consider the tree situation wherever the sidewalk would be located.

A motion was made by Rogers and seconded by Day to proceed with the first priority project (Sidewalks along Hwy 52 going toward Richfield), limit the distance to be paved in sidewalks on the second priority project (Sidewalks along Wesley Chapel Road South) to only go as far as the Gladstone Academy or the possible proposed park land, and to acknowledge that the third priority project (Sidewalks along Wesley Chapel Road North) would probably not be able to be funded by Powell Bill funds. The motion was approved by a 4/0 vote.

A motion was made by Day and seconded by Rogers to have the Village Council handle securing another Zoning Officer as they had no replacement recommendations. The motion was approved by a 4/0 vote.

There were no Zoning Cases to consider.

A motion was made by Henderson and seconded by Rogers to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 PM. The motion was approved by a 4/0 vote.