Village Council

December 12, 2011

Present:               Michael Riemann, Mayor

Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem

Jim Gulledge, Council Member

Pam Humphrey, Clerk

 Call to Order:     Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM declaring a quorum present.

Moment of Reflection/Introspection:

Installation of Newly Elected Council Members and Officer Designations:  Mayor Riemann requested that this Agenda item be scheduled for the January 9, 2012 meeting so that all Council Members may be present.  Herron made a Motion to move this Agenda item to the January 9, 2012 meeting.  The Motion was seconded by Gulledge and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Introduction of Visitors:  Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief

Approval of Agenda:  Herron made a Motion to accept the revised Agenda.  Gulledge seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Approval of Minutes from November 14, 2011 Council Meeting:  Herron made a Motion to accept the November 14, 2011 Minutes with no revisions.  The Motion was seconded by Gulledge and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Administrative Report:   Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk, presented the Administrative Report covering November 15, 2011 through December 12, 2011.   The presentation of the Administrative Report included a recap of the meetings attended by the Mayor.  The Mayor discussed his attendance December 7, 2011 at the Veterans Center opening at the Pfeiffer University Misenheimer campus.  There were numerous high profile political dignitaries in attendance.  He also discussed his attendance at Gray Stone High School to assist with the lottery for Fall 2012 admissions.  Herron commented whether it was good for a politician to assist in this type of event.  The Mayor also discussed the Centralina Council of Government (CCOG) recent $5MM Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainability grant award for regional planning.  The Village of Misenheimer will be included in this study.  Mayor Riemann closed his portion of the Administrative Report by discussing his plans for a joint meeting of the Council and Planning Board at the January 9, 2012 7PM Council meeting to focus on the use of the Gladstone Academy building and sewer for the Village.

The Clerk reported the status regarding the following items:

  • June 30, 2011 Audit-Submitted December 1, 2011.  Meeting with Maxton McDowell, CPA to be scheduled for the January or February 2012 Council meeting.
  • Specific results/comments regarding returned Village surveys were discussed.  The Survey results will be posted on the Village web site.
  • The Village received a public records request from Waste Connections, Inc.  New London and Richfield received the same public records request.  The Village contacted the Waste Connections, Inc. contact and arranged for the information to be available during the week of January 16, 2012.
  • Waste Management extended their apologies for missing a recycling pickup on Thursday, December 1, 2011.  They are double checking their 2012 pickup schedule to confirm that there are no incorrect dates.  We will wait on their confirmation before we will publically publish the pickup dates.  Herron was not satisfied with Waste Management’s efforts to pick up extra recycling on Thursday, December 8, 2011 as broken glass was left at his curb.
  • Scholarships will be verified so that the checks can be issued and signed at the January 9, 2012 Council meeting.
  • A draft of Budgeted and Actual Revenues and Expenditures through November 30, 2011 was prepared by the Clerk and discussed with the Council.  A Balance Sheet will be prepared when the final audited figures for June 30, 2011 are delivered by the auditors.  It was noted that Budget Amendments for FY 2011/2012 will need to be made to the original Budget Ordinance that will include the following:
    • $30,000 of budgeted Grant Revenue received for the Carolina Thread Trail
    • $30,000 of budgeted Grant Expenses expected to be expended for the Carolina Thread Trail

Public Safety Update:  Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief, attended the Council meeting to present the November 2011 Police Department Monthly Report.  He noted that there had been an arrest on Wesley Chapel Road where the residents were charged with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.  The residents are currently still living at the residence pending legal court proceedings.

Council asked Interim Chief McGinnis about the status of the rental property on Wesley Chapel Road rented by Pfeiffer University students where previous disturbance reports had been noted.  He reported that Village Police Officers had been regularly patrolling the area.  It was also noted that there had been a recent disturbance involving fireworks at the rental property.  Village Police Officers visited the rental property to investigate this incident.  Gulledge mentioned that Paul Key, a nearby neighbor to the rental property, had recently discussed with him his continued concerns over the disturbances at the rental property.  Gulledge was concerned that the Village was not being more aggressive in developing a noise/nuisance ordinance for situations such as these.  Mayor Riemann mentioned that a noise ordinance would require differentiation between acceptable and unacceptable noise as noise is frequently heard from the Pfeiffer University athletic fields during sporting events.  Gulledge commented that focus should be given to disturbances occurring when most Village residents would be sleeping.  Herron commented that balance has to be struck between the University, the young students, and the community regarding what is harmless or harmful college behavior.  Interim Police Chief McGinnis stated that he continues to research ordinances and enforcement at other small college towns in NC with Police Departments as well as small municipalities in Stanly County.  Mayor Riemann stated that he had reviewed the Raleigh ordinance that has provisions for NCSU off campus students.   Gulledge mentioned that Pfeiffer University is reviewing their student conduct/behavior code with the SACS audit currently underway.   Mayor Riemann instructed Interim Police Chief McGinnis to continue his research.  The Mayor also indicated that he would contact Mr. Keys and the rental property’s owner.

Interim Police Chief McGinnis also discussed his continued research regarding acquiring another Police vehicle during FY 2011/2012.  He indicated that his research would lead him to currently recommend a Dodge Charger police cruiser.  Mayor Riemann inquired about the status of the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria.  Interim Police Chief McGinnis commented that it would need tires soon.  Mayor Riemann inquired as to whether three (3) Police vehicles were needed.  Interim Police Chief McGinnis noted that the Police Department could operate without the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria as repair issues are becoming more common with this vehicle.

Interim Police Chief McGinnis reported on his research of recording cameras needed in the Police vehicles.  His research indicated that a cost per vehicle of approximately $1,100.00 would include the camera, DVR, monitor, microphone, GPS, and support.  There are evidence access controls over the SD memory cards.  The units allow for the recordings to be securely uploaded to a PC.  It was recommended to allocate the Bullet Proof Vest grant refund monies toward the purchase of two (2) units.  Interim Police Chief McGinnis will finalize his research and talk further with the company and law enforcement references using the equipment.

Gladstone Academy Restoration Update:  Mayor Riemann presented a complete restoration report delivered to the Village by Mr. Terry Wilbur of Southern Home Management, Inc. (SHM) dated November 29, 2011.  SHM provided more detail regarding the proposed six (6) phases of restoration.  A bid of $51,700.00 was submitted for the First Phase which is broken down in to (2) sub phases (1A and 1B).  Phase 1A work is estimated to cost $12,850.00 and will include general cleaning of the space, general washing of the interior, removal of window sashes and placement of plywood covers for security, doors will be fitted with temporary locks, and any damaged metal along the edges will be repaired.  Phase 1B work is estimated to cost $38, 850.00 and will include jacks to lift the structure, removal of the old floor system, rebuild the joists and floor system, build new piers under the floor system, dispose of all waste, and cover the newly built floor system.  Phase 1A is necessary during FY 2011/2012 to protect the structure from the weather and potential vandalism.   The structure could then sit safely for an extended period of time if necessary before the next phases would be funded and started.

Mayor Riemann noted that he is soliciting historical information from a variety of sources for the Gladstone Academy property.  He is also researching grant opportunities to assist in the funding of future restoration phases for the property.

Mayor Riemann requested that a Motion be made to approve the SHM Phase 1A work for FY 2011/2012 in order to protect the structure.  Funding of the $12,850.00 would require a FY 2011/2012 Budget Amendment for the expenditures.  Gulledge made the Motion to approve the SHM Phase 1A work for the Gladstone property and also to amend the FY 2011/2012 Budget to include this expenditure of $12,850.00.  Herron seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Community Building Up Fit Update:  Mayor Riemann noted that he and Burrage had installed the set of three (3) handicap grab bars, adjusted the height of both bathroom sinks, installed the sink pipe insulation to both bathroom sinks, and changed the bathroom door handles to lever handles per ADA requirements.  The 911 property address was installed on the outside of the building and two (2) fire extinguishers were installed as required per the Fire Marshal.  Two (2) smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were also installed.

Inspection items remaining to be completed include the HVAC and electrical items, replacing the bathroom toilet seats, installing the handicap parking signage, lengthening the bottom of the concrete walkway pad, and installing a walkway railing on the outside of the walkway.  The Village intends to continue to make progress on these remaining items to close out the inspection items noted per the October 2011 inspection by Stanly County Central Permitting.

Powell Bill Sidewalk Project Update:  Mayor Riemann reported that the NCDOT estimate for the Powell Bill sidewalk project remains at approximately $100,000.00 for a five (5) foot sidewalk.  NCDOT will continue to work with the Village to explore ways to address the $23,000.00 funding difference.    Work would be scheduled to start Spring 2012 utilizing the $77,000.00 in Powell Bill funds which need to be spent by June 30, 2012.

Mayor Riemann has a proposed Easement document being reviewed by our Attorney.  Homeowners along the sidewalk route would need to sign this document.  Discussions with homeowners indicate their support.

Community NCDOT Sidewalk Grant Submission:  Mayor Riemann reported that he had worked with Dana Stoogenke, Rocky River Rural Planning Organization (RRRPO), and the Mayors of Richfield and New London to submit a NCDOT grant on December 2, 2011 requesting funds for community sidewalk planning.  If we are selected, the grant will be awarded in May 2012.  We appreciated the Village’s support in providing letters of support that accompanied the grant application.

Carolina Thread Trail Grant Update-Next Meeting Monday, January 9, 2012 2PM:  Mayor Riemann noted that we had included the Minutes from the November 14, 2011 Carolina Thread Trail Steering Committee meeting for Council’s review in the December 12, 2011 Council packet.  All grant and matching funds have been deposited in a bank account at First Bank.

Sewer Trunk Line Update/Engineering Selection:  After approving the qualifications of Chambers Engineering at the November 14, 2011 Council meeting, the firm subsequently submitted an estimate to determine the cost of sewer for the Village which totaled $8,955.00.  Council had previously approved a FY 2011/2012 Budget amount of no more than $10,000.00 once a contract had been negotiated with a qualified consultant.  Chambers Engineering proposed to analyze the project in three (3) phases which are listed as follows:

  1. Curl Tail Creek Outfall Sewers
  2. Wesley Chapel Collection Sewers
  3. Downstream Sewer Analysis

Mayor Riemann commented that property on Wesley Chapel Road would have to have sewer before it could be developed further.  There was Council discussion regarding whether to perform all three (3) phases or only two (2) phases (1 & 3).  It was concluded by Council that all three (3) phases should be conducted at the same time.  Since the bid from Chambers Engineering for the sewer line cost estimate came in under the cost parameters previously approved by Council, Herron moved to approve the contract with Chambers Engineering for $8,955.00 and to modify the FY 2011/2012 Budget to include the expenditure.  Riemann seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote.

New Member for Planning Board and Board of Adjustment:  Mayor Riemann advised Council that Mark Stephenson agreed to serve on the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment pending Council’s approval.   Mandy Barringer resigned from both Boards after the October 13, 2011 meetings.  Herron made the Motion to approve the appointment of Mark Stephenson to serve on the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.  Gulledge seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Other Business:  There was no other business to discuss.

 Closed Session Discussion:  Mayor Riemann requested a Motion to go into Closed Session for purposes allowed by State Statute 143-318.11 (a)(5).  Herron made the Motion to go into Closed Session.  The Motion was seconded by Gulledge and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

 Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012 at 7PM at the Community Building.  This will be a joint meeting with the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment members.





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