WM Scan 2012  Click here for a .pdf of the 2012 Solid Waste/Recycling Schedule for 2012

Village of Misenheimer, Town of New London & Richfield Recycle Pickup Information for 2012

To: All residents of the Village of Misenheimer, Town of New London & Town of Richfield

Waste Management of Carolinas (WM) appreciates the opportunity to provide you curbside recycling collection in your communities. Each residence received 1 Brown 96 gallon roll out cart to use to place all of your recyclable material in, and your collection will be provided every 2 weeks.

Your carts are the property of your Municipalities and are not the property of Waste Management. You will need to contact your Village or Town Hall if there are any issues with your cart that are unrelated to our collection. Washing your recyclables will prevent a build-up in your cart.
COLLECTION Please have your cart placed at the curb on Thursday morning by 6:00 am, and allow a minimum of 3 feet of spacing from mailboxes and your trash receptacles. The handles of your cart should face your house and not the street.
HOLIDAYSDuring weeks where an observed holiday falls before or on your scheduled collection day, we will collect your recyclables the day following your scheduled service day (Please see note below regarding Thanksgiving). In cases of inclement weather, we will provide service as soon as it is safe to do so. ***Please note due to the Thanksgiving Holiday recycle service will be delayed until Saturday 11/24/2012

Flattened Corrugated Cardboard, Junk Mail & Office Paper (No Pizza boxes)
• Cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, facial tissue boxes, etc. (usually brown or gray inside without a waxy finish).
• Remove all foil or plastic liners
• Clean newspapers and their inserts
Magazines and Phone Books
• No binders or spiral notebooks
• #1 through #7 Plastic Bottles and Jugs Except # 6 (numbers can be found on the bottom of bottles).
• Remove caps and discard, Rinse Containers
Aluminum and Steel Food and Beverage Containers
• Rinse
• Lids only if still attached
Glass Food and Beverage Jars and Bottles
• Remove caps and lids and discard & Rinse
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS below as we will not collect “contaminated” carts containing unacceptable items.
• Antifreeze Containers
• Ceramic Containers
• Deli Containers & Pizza Boxes
• Dishes
• Mirrors
• Motor Oil Containers
• Paint Cans
• Plastic grocery bags
• # 6 Plastics
• Pyrex Containers
• Styrofoam
• Window Glass
• Food Residue contamination

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