Village Council
November 14, 2011

Present: Michael Riemann, Mayor
Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem
Michael Burrage, Finance Officer
Pam Humphrey, Clerk

Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM declaring a quorum present.

Moment of Reflection/Introspection:

Introduction of Visitors: Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief

Approval of Agenda: Mayor Riemann requested that the Agenda be amended to allow Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief, to make a request for a Staff Promotion after the Administrative Report Agenda item was concluded. Herron made a Motion to approve the amended Agenda for the meeting. The Motion was seconded by Burrage and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Approval of Minutes from October 10, 2011 Council Meeting: Burrage made a Motion to accept the October 10, 2011 Minutes with no revisions. The Motion was seconded by Herron and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Administrative Report: Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk, presented the Administrative Report covering October 11, 2011 through November 14, 2011. The presentation included a recap of the meetings attended by the Mayor. The Clerk reported the status regarding the following items:
• June 30, 2011 Audit-Due December 1, 2011
• County Building Inspections at the Community Building
• General results/trends regarding returned Village surveys (Survey Results to be presented at December Council meeting)
• Carolina Thread Trail (CTT)/Village of Misenheimer lead municipality financial status (Bank account opened, initial deposit from CTT made and Village, Richfield, and New London deposits of match monies to be made 11/16/11

Mayor Riemann added an additional item to the Administrative Report as the Centralina Council of Government (COG) requested a confirmation of the primary and alternate contacts for the Village. It was discussed and determined that Mayor Mike Riemann would remain the primary contact. Mike Herron volunteered to be the designated alternate for the quarterly meetings held in Charlotte.

Mayor Riemann also commented on the success of the Village community BBQ held Saturday, October 29, 2011. It was an enjoyable event and everyone’s help was greatly appreciated. However, Council agreed that a better contact list of the “Friends” of the Village should be developed in order to have a broader base of potential attendance.

Police Department Staff Promotion Request: Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief, requested that Officer John Brady, Jr. be promoted from Officer status to Sergeant and accordingly increase his rate of pay. Interim Police Chief McGinnis stated that Officer Brady has been satisfactorily performing numerous additional duties. Herron made the Motion to approve the Interim Police Chief’s promotion request. The Motion was seconded by Burrage and was approved by a 3/0 vote.

Interim Police Chief Erik McGinnis commented on the October 2011 Police Report presented to Council. He remarked that Police stops were up from September 2011 as the Officers had more time to patrol since the Pfeiffer University Fall semester is in full swing.

Gladstone Academy Restoration Update: Mayor Riemann presented a portion of the report delivered to the Village by Mr. Terry Wilbur of Southern Home Management, Inc. (SHM). SHM toured and evaluated the Gladstone property on October 10, 2011. SHM proposed six (6) phases of restoration. A bid of $48,700.00 was submitted for the First Phase which is intended to accomplish the following:
• Clean and secure the building
• Repair the roof to protect the inside of the structure from leaking water and animal access
• Restore the foundation piers, window sills, and flooring
• Remove the old windows and fit plywood covers over the window openings
• Fix the doors and provide locked access to the building

Mayor Riemann indicated that the Council could explore performing half of Phase 1 during FY 11/12 to secure and protect the structure and to perform the other half of phase 1 during early FY 12/13. Discussions will be conducted with SHM to determine the feasibility of this approach and will be reported back to Council at the December 12, 2011 Council Meeting. It was also discussed that the Council should finalize the eventual use of the Gladstone Academy building since it cannot be used as a church per restrictions in the Deed. No Trespassing signs were installed on the Gladstone property.

Community Building Permit Inspection Update: Pam Humphrey, Clerk, advised Council that the Community Building had been inspected by the Stanly County Building Inspector and the Fire Marshal. The following items were noted that needed attention:
• Various Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) related items (bathrooms, door handles, access ramp, handicap parking)
• Fire inspection items (Fire extinguishers and 911 address plate)
• HVAC and electrical items

Mayor Riemann commented that the vendors completing the original work at the Community Building would be contacted to advise them of the items needing further attention so that the Stanly County inspection process can be completed. Some items will be completed by the Village (fire extinguishers, 911 address, sinks installed to ADA height specification, sink pipe insulation, toilet seat cover removal, bathroom grab bars, and bathroom lever door handles).

Powell Bill Sidewalk Project Update: Mayor Riemann reported that he continues to work with NCDOT and Village property owners to facilitate utilizing the approximately $77,000.00 in Powell Bill funds for sidewalks. The Powell Bill funds must be expended by 6/30/12. In working with NCDOT, all ADA sidewalk requirements must be met. The initial estimate from NCDOT was approximately $100,000.00. This is approximately $23,000.00 greater than the Village Powell Bill fund balance of approximately $77,000.00. NCDOT is revisiting their estimate and funding sources to determine if the Village can get all of the proposed sidewalks built and to not have to consider utilizing General Funds for a funding shortage. Herron noted that he would prefer to utilize General Funds vs. shortening the distance of sidewalks if NCDOT needed more funds than our current Powell Bill fund balance.

Community NCDOT Sidewalk Grant Update and Resolution: Mayor Riemann stated that he had worked with Dana Stoogenke, Rocky River Rural Planning Organization (RRRPO) and the Mayors of Richfield and New London regarding submitting a NCDOT grant request for community sidewalk planning. The Communities are being asked to express their support of obtaining this grant via letters of support addressed to NCDOT. The Village is intended to be the lead municipality of the Community group. Mayor Riemann emphasized the importance of coordinated community sidewalk planning to complement the community Carolina Thread Trail corridor design planning.

Mayor Riemann requested the Village approval of a Resolution endorsing the joining of the Town of New London, the Town of Richfield and the Village of Misenheimer to apply for a NCDOT pedestrian planning grant. Herron made a Motion to approve the Resolution. Burrage seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote. The signed Resolution will be submitted to Dana Stoogenke, RRRPO, for final submission to NCDOT along with the grant application and letters of support by November 28, 2011.

SR1599 Colony Road Apts Road Maintenance Responsibility Transfer from NCDOT to Village Update: Mayor Riemann stated that the signed paperwork for the Village to take over the maintenance of this road had been submitted to NCDOT. He advised that the Village should hear back from NCDOT in one to two months. Once the Village has this road listed as our maintenance responsibility, the Village will pursue being included again for Powell Bill funding.

Speed Bump and Speed Limit on Merner Terrace: Mayor Riemann worked with NCDOT to obtain a Certification of Municipal Declaration to Enact Speed Limits and Request for Concurrence for Merner Terrace. The speed limit is to be stated and enforced at 25 MPH for cars and trucks. Herron made a Motion to approve the Speed Limit Ordinance for Merner Terrace Road. Burrage seconded the Motion and it was approved with a 3/0 vote.

The speed bump situation on Merner Terrace requires there to either be speed bumps or have none at all. Council discussion ensued regarding possibly shaving the speed bumps down or how they could get removed. Mayor Riemann will research who may be able to assist the Village for either option and report back to Council at the Monday, December 12, 2011 Council Meeting.

Carolina Thread Trail (CTT) Grant Update from November 14, 2011 Steering Committee Meeting:

Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk, attended the CTT initial Steering Committee meeting on Monday, November 14, 2011 at the New London Community Building. Representatives from Stewart Engineering and the CTT attended the meeting. Nine out of thirteen Steering Committee members attended the initial meeting. It was determined that Stanly County should be represented at the CTT meetings since they currently have a portion of the CTT in their jurisdiction. In addition, at some point the Village of Misenheimer Police Department should be included in the CTT discussions as they are the only public safety agency of the three communities. Stewart Engineering presented a video regarding the current eighty (80) miles of trail and the long term goals of the CTT. The following items were discussed:
• Possible Trail Concerns (Safety, Impacts on Property Values, Liability, Maintenance, Property Condemnation, Increase in Business and Possible Influx of New Businesses)
• Possible Trail Usage (Bikers, Hikers, Walkers, Equestrian, ATV)
• Possible Trail Surface Options (Soft vs. Hard, Requirements in Flood Plain environments)
• Possible Trail Corridor design flexibility during this design phase

The next CTT meeting is planned for January 9, 2012 at 2:30PM. The Community grant must completed by September 2012.

Sewer Trunk Line Update/Engineering Selection: Mayor Riemann prepared a technical request for proposal document intended to obtain Village sewer feasibility quotes from qualified firms. We were informed that there is a NC Statute that requires the Village to select a qualified engineering firm first. The Village must then negotiate a contract with the selected firm. If an agreement cannot be negotiated, then another qualified firm must be selected. Negotiations will then begin with the new firm. This process ensues until an acceptable contract has been negotiated with a qualified firm.

Prior to the meeting, emails were sent to the Council to review the qualifications of the following engineering firms:
• Chambers Engineering (Does work for Stanly County)
• Salisbury Engineering & Planning

Mayor Riemann indicated that both firms come well recommended.

Mayor Riemann requested a Motion be made to select a firm to begin negotiations. Herron made a Motion to select Chambers Engineering. Burrage seconded the Motion and it was approved by a 3/0 vote.

The new owner of Clearview Apartments has submitted a letter of support to the Village to study the feasibility of sewer for the Village.

Election Results/Council Election of Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Finance Officer: Jim Gulledge and Mike Burrage were re-elected to the Council for a two (2) year term in the November 2011 elections. The following are the results of the Council elections:

Position Candidate Motion Second Vote
Mayor Mike Riemann Herron Burrage 3/0
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Herron Burrage Herron 3/0
Finance Officer Mike Burrage Burrage Herron 3/0

Other Business: Newly re-elected Mayor Riemann proposed that there be more Council collaboration with the Planning Board. The Planning Board’s next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 12, 2012. Mayor Riemann proposes securing a replacement for the Planning Board Chair position as Mandy Barringer resigned her Chair position in October 2011. Mayor Riemann indicated that he would contact the candidates discussed at the Council meeting to determine their availability and interest.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7PM at the Community Building.

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