Village of Misenheimer

Planning Board Meeting

October 13, 2011 7PM

Community Building

Present:           Donnie Day, Vice Chairman

Nancy Henderson, Board Member

Joel Rogers, Board Member

Peter Edquist, Council Member

Mike Riemann, Mayor

Pam Humphrey, Clerk

Day opened the meeting at 7:06 PM and declared a quorum present.  Rogers made a motion to accept the July 14, 2011 minutes.  The motion was seconded by Henderson and approved by a 3/0 vote.

Review of Zoning Applications: There were no Zoning Applications to consider.

Mayor Riemann updated the Planning Board regarding the following items:

1.       Sidewalks for the Village: Mayor Riemann advised that he had talked with all of the effected homeowners but one along the sidewalk route.  The sidewalk route consists of the existing sidewalk along Hwy 52 to Pfeiffer Place and the new section that would be built from Pfeiffer Place to the Village limits at the Substation.  The overall reaction for request of land for a 14 foot permanent easement for the possible five or six foot sidewalk has been positive.  NCDOT has been onsite in the Village to examine the proposed sidewalk path and will provide us a construction estimate in the next couple of weeks.  NCDOT has advised the Village that a blanket easement should be able to be obtained that will require being recorded.  A survey should not be required.  Some water meters and underground utilities may need to be relocated.

2.       Interim Zoning Officer-Mike Riemann, Mayor:  Mayor Riemann will be the Interim Zoning Officer until another candidate is identified.  Currently, the only zoning activity in process is with Connie Porter who plans to open a tanning salon in the Village.  Pfeiffer University will be providing their cut sheets for their new lighted signage for our Zoning files.

3.       Carolina Thread Trail Grant Award September 15, 2011: The Village was notified that we had been awarded the Carolina Thread Trail (CTT) community (Village of Misenheimer/Richfield/New London) corridor design grant ($20,000 grant award plus $10,000 total contributed equally be each community ($3,333.33 each)) as of September 15, 2011.   The Village will be the lead municipality providing accounting for the grant.  Work on the grant must be completed in one year.  Stewart Engineering, Inc. will be the corridor design engineers for the project.  Public meetings will be held as part of the corridor design process.

During the October 10, 2011 Council meeting, Herron made the motion to accept the CTT grant award and the design contract with               Stewart Engineering, Inc.  Burrage seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 5/0.

Discussion ensued among the Council members regarding possible CTT Steering Committee members from the communities.  The following are confirmed for members from the Village:

  • Mike Riemann, Mayor
  • Peter Edquist, Council Member
  • Quinton McKissick, Pfeiffer University Director of Outdoor Leadership and Recreation

Other citizens will be considered to fill all of the open and available Village CTT Steering Committee positions.

4.       Possible Sewer Extension:  Mayor Riemann has been working with Andy Lucas, Stanly County Manager, discussing a possible sewer trunk line in to the Village.  The new owner of the Clearview Apartments has been inquiring as their package plant has issues.   Mayor Riemann commented that in his research that he has noted that sewer is not usually financially viable for a municipality without industrial and residential customers.  He commented that the Village may need to seriously discuss whether they want to be a community with sewer or septic.

Mayor Riemann is preparing a technical document that needs to be submitted in order to secure engineering study bids to estimate the cost of obtaining a sewer trunk line.  There was a sewer feasibility study done for the Village of Misenheimer in 2006.

5.       Gladstone Academy Restoration Update:  Mayor Riemann advised that the grading and seeding of the lot has been completed.   Mayor Riemann has not been able to get a response from the NC State Historic Preservation Office for preservation/restoration advice.   Terry Wilbur of Southern Home Management (General Contractor) in Greensboro was referred to the Village by the Stanly County Museum.  This firm was involved in the Snuggs Home restoration in Albemarle.  The Mayor met with Mr. Wilbur 10/10/11 whereupon Mr. Wilbur spent the morning examining the Gladstone Academy property inside and out.  He was impressed by the building’s condition and some of the unique architectural features.  Southern Home Management will provide an assessment of the property and an estimate to preserve/restore it for the Council’s review.  The Village has spent approximately $5,025.00 toward preservation/restoration during FY 11/12

Now that the building is more visible from the road, the Village will affix “No Trespassing” signs.  The doors and windows may also need securing from the elements if the preservation/restoration is scheduled for a later start date.

At the Council meeting on October 10, 2011, Edquist requested that the Village contact the adjacent property owners to determine their current interest in donating or selling the lot adjacent to Gladstone Academy to use as a possible park location.  Mayor Riemann indicated that he would contact the property owners.  Edquist advised the Planning Board to consider more Park zoning.

Consideration and Determination of Zoning Cases: There were no Zoning Cases to consider.

A Motion was made by Rogers and seconded by Henderson to adjourn the meeting at 7:35PM.  The Motion was approved by a vote of 3/0.


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