Village Council
October 10, 2011

Present: Michael Riemann, Mayor
Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem
Michael Burrage, Finance Officer
Jim Gulledge, Council Member
Peter Edquist, Council Member (Arrived at 7:29PM)
Pam Humphrey, Clerk

Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM declaring a quorum present.

Moment of Reflection/Introspection:

Introduction of Visitors: Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief

Approval of Agenda: Herron made a motion to approve the Agenda for the meeting. The motion was seconded by Burrage and was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Approval of Minutes from September 12, 2011 Council Meeting: Burrage made a motion to accept the September 12, 2011 Minutes with no revisions. The motion was seconded by Herron and was approved by a 4/0 vote.

Wesley Chapel Community Issue: Erik McGinnis, Interim Police Chief, noted that since the last Council Meeting that that the rental property on Wesley Chapel Road has been less disruptive. The Misenheimer Police Department has made a proactive and concerted effort to regularly patrol that area of Wesley Chapel Road. Interim Police Chief McGinnis noted that the Police Department prefers to act on a disturbance complaint from a citizen. Mayor Riemann advised that he had the property owner’s contact information and would contact them to advise them of the disturbance pattern at their rental property should the disturbances continue.

Interim Chief McGinnis noted that if the Village had a Nuisance Ordinance the Police Department could issue municipal tickets with a monetary fine attached. However, this may require more court appearances to defend the ticket.

Administrative Report: Mayor Riemann and Pam Humphrey, Clerk, presented the Administrative Report covering September 13, 2011 through October 10, 2011. The presentation included a recap of the meetings attended by the Mayor and various reports completed and filed on behalf of the Village.

The Mayor advised that he had attended a Flood Plain meeting in Albemarle representing the Village as the Flood Plain Officer. Training is required for the Flood Plain Officer at least every other year. The Village must show that we are actively managing our flood plain zones.

The Mayor also advised that he had attended a meeting with the Rocky River Rural Planning Organization (RRRPO) and the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) to provide RRRPO point values to road work to be done by NCDOT for those counties included in the RRRPO (Anson, Stanly, & Union). The group assigned high RRRPO points to NC Highways 52 and 49.

The Mayor advised that he had attended a Local Government Liaison meeting where he stressed the county’s need to consider water and sewer infrastructure planning.

The Mayor, acting as the Interim Zoning Officer, also advised that the Village he was managing the following zoning related projects:
• Connie Porter’s Tanning Salon
• Pfeiffer University’s signs, sign lights, and window replacement
• Renovations at the Royer house on Pfeiffer Place

Pam Humphrey, Clerk, advised that Maxton McDowell, CPA and his staff person performed audit field work onsite for 1 ½ days on October 5 through October 6, 2011. The Village will provide additional information needed in time for the final audit reports to be issued.

The Clerk noted that she continues to work on the Cash Management Policy per the LGC203 for the Village and intends to discuss this with the auditors. The Fall Newsletter and the Services Survey are to be mailed by the end of this week.

Police Update from Interim Chief McGinnis: The Interim Police Chief presented the September 2011 Misenheimer Police Department Report to the Council. He noted that September was the first full month of students on campus so there was a rise in student parking citations and larcenies. He noted that 34 cars had been stopped in the Village and that only 12 State citations were written. He indicated that continued emphasis would be placed on stopping and citing vehicles violating the speed limit within the Village.

Interim Police Chief McGinnis also noted that on August 31, 2011 that Officer Hatley stopped a vehicle being driven by a male who was accompanied by a female passenger whereupon marijuana, cash, and a gun were seized. The Village will receive some of the cash back as part of the NC Department of Revenue’s Unauthorized Substance Distribution that can be used for specified public safety needs.

Interim Police Chief McGinnis noted that the Misenheimer Police Department was requested to come to Clearview Apartments (previously DavidCyn Apartments) to observe evictions. The property was recently purchased by a new owner and it is being cleaned up and renovated.

Speed Bump and Speed Limit on Merner Terrace: We discussed this item out of order while Interim Chief McGinnis was present at the meeting. Herron noted that the speed bump is too big so that cars drag crossing over it. Mayor Riemann noted that this road is maintained by NCDOT. Interim Chief McGinnis noted that the only speed limit sign is a Pfeiffer University sign instead of a state issued speed limit sign. Mayor Riemann noted that the road was engineered for a 25MPH speed limit. Mayor Riemann will advise NCDOT officials of this situation at the next RRRPO Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) meeting to be held Monday, November 7, 2011.

Gladstone Academy Restoration Update: Mayor Riemann advised that the grading and seeding of the lot has been completed. Mayor Riemann has not been able to get a response from the NC State Historic Preservation Office for preservation/restoration advice. Terry Wilbur of Southern Home Management (General Contractor) in Greensboro was referred to the Village by the Stanly County Museum. This firm was involved in the Snuggs Home restoration in Albemarle. The Mayor met with Mr. Wilbur 10/10/11 whereupon Mr. Wilbur spent the morning examining the Gladstone Academy property inside and out. He was impressed by the building’s condition and some of the unique architectural features. Southern Home Management will provide an assessment of the property and an estimate to preserve/restore it for the Council’s review. The Village has spent approximately $5,025.00 toward preservation/restoration during FY 11/12

Now that the building is more visible from the road, the Village needs to put up “No Trespassing” signage. The doors and windows may also need securing from the elements if the preservation/restoration is scheduled for a later start date.

Edquist requested that the Village contact the adjacent property owners to determine their current interest in donating or selling the lot adjacent to Gladstone Academy to use as a possible park location. Mayor Riemann indicated that he would contact the property owners.

Sidewalk & Possible Community Sidewalk Planning Grant Update:

Sidewalk Project using Powell Bill Funds: Mayor Riemann advised that he had talked with all of the effected homeowners but one along the sidewalk route. The sidewalk route consists of the existing sidewalk along Hwy 52 to Pfeiffer Place and the new section that would be built from Pfeiffer Place to the Village limits at the Substation. The overall reaction for request of land for an easement for the possible five or six foot sidewalk has been positive. NCDOT has been onsite in the Village to examine the proposed sidewalk path and will provide us a construction estimate in the next couple of weeks. NCDOT has advised the Village that a blanket easement should be able to be obtained that will require being recorded. A survey should not be required. Some water meters may need to be relocated.

Possible Community Sidewalk Planning Grant: Mayor Riemann has been exploring the possibility of a community (Village of Misenheimer/Richfield/New London) sidewalk planning grant which is separate from the Powell Bill sidewalk project. Dana Stoogenke with RRRPO is assisting us with this endeavor. NCDOT is looking into our eligibility and whether they will accept a community request. Edquist asked if obtaining a Resolution of support from Richfield and New London would help. Mayor Riemann indicated that it would be up to the state to agree to a community grant situation. It appears that some community grant situations have worked well and others have not. It is important to note that a community grant of this type requires no municipal match funds.

Possible Road Maintenance Responsibility Transfer from NCDOT to Village and Resolution:

Mayor Riemann advised that he has been researching with the NCDOT regarding the Village taking over the maintenance of SR1599 (Colony Road). The road is in good shape and this will allow the Village to continue to receive Powell Bill funds. Herron asked if the road could eventually be renamed. Mayor Riemann affirmed that we could eventually rename the road. Mayor Riemann indicated that this would mean that the Village would also be responsible for mowing and possible snow and ice removal.

Gulledge made the motion to approve the Resolution to take over the road maintenance of SR1599. Herron seconded the motion and it was approved by a 5/0 vote.

Carolina Thread Trail Grant Award September 15, 2011:

The Village was notified that we had been awarded the Carolina Thread Trail (CTT) community (Village of Misenheimer/Richfield/New London) corridor design grant ($20,000 grant award plus $10,000 total contributed equally be each community ($3,333.33 each)) as of September 15, 2011. The Village will be the lead municipality providing accounting for the grant. Work on the grant must be completed in one year. Stewart Engineering, Inc. will be the corridor design engineers for the project.

Herron made the motion to accept the CTT grant award and the design contract with Stewart Engineering, Inc. Burrage seconded the motion and it was approved by a vote of 5/0.

Discussion ensued among the Council members regarding possible CTT Committee members from the communities. The following are confirmed for members from the Village:
• Mike Riemann, Mayor
• Peter Edquist, Council Member
• Quinton McKissick, Pfeiffer University Director of Outdoor Leadership and Recreation

Other citizens will be considered to fill all of the open and available Village CTT Committee positions.

Sewer Trunk Line Update: Mayor Riemann has been working with Andy Lucas, Stanly County Manager, discussing a possible sewer trunk line in to the Village. The new owner of the Clearview Apartments has been inquiring as their package plant has issues. Mayor Riemann commented that in his research that he has noted that sewer is not usually financially viable for a municipality without industrial and residential customers. He commented that the Village may need to seriously discuss whether they want to be a community with sewer or not.

Mayor Riemann is preparing a technical document that needs to be submitted in order to secure engineering study bids to estimate the cost of obtaining a sewer trunk line.

Fall Cookout Discussion/Planning:

The Village will again schedule the community cookout for the last Saturday in October which falls on October 29, 2011. The BBQ pork and chicken will be cooked off-site and will then be brought to the Community Building to be served in steamers. This method will be less expensive than cooking the pork onsite at the Community Building as has been done in the past. Council members will meet at the Community Building on Fri, 10/28/11 at 5:30PM to prepare for the event.

Other Business: Edquist mentioned that the land on Wesley Chapel Road looked like it was back up for sale. He agreed to inquire regarding the current status and report back to the Council.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:44PM.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 14, 2011 at 7PM at the Community Building.

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