June 28, 2011






This newsletter contains the following items:


1.  Announcement of a new Interim Police Chief


2.  Announcement of a new village Clerk


3.  Information about the purchase of the Gladstone Academy building


4.  Opening of Gray Stone Day School


5.  The new Village website


6.  Information about the Village’s new recycling program


7.  Information about the July 11 Public Hearing on the Stanly County Comprehensive Transportation Plan which contains a US 52 Bypass around Misenheimer.


8.  Information about Village sidewalks


9.  Information about a Thread Trail Planning Grant with Richfield and New London. The trail comes through Misenheimer.


Interim Police Chief : Tracey Wyrick who has been Police chief of the Village since our formation in 2003 has resigned to take a job as Head of the Law Enforcement Program for Montgomery Community College. Erik Mcginnis has been appointed Interim Police Chief. Erik has served on the Village police force for over four years and last served in the position of Captain. He recently completed his degree at Pfeiffer. We are fortunate to have Erik to continue the strong leadership we have come to expect.

Village Clerk: Paula DellaRusso who served as Village clerk for the past three years resigned in February. We advertised for a new clerk and had over one hundred ten applications. We were fortunate to have Pam Humphrey as one of the applicants. Pam has a CPA and much work experience, some of it with municipalities. She will serve as liaison between the Council and various entities. Generally her hours will be Monday through Friday 9AM to 1PM.  Please welcome her to Misenheimer.

Gladstone Academy: The Village recently purchased the old Gladstone Academy building on Wesley chapel Road. Gladstone Academy operated as an area school from 1880-1910. The building was built in the early 1890’s and served as a church after 1910.  The Village plans to first stabilize the building and property and then slowly work to restore the old building. It is a fitting acquisition and cornerstone for the Educational Village.

Gray Stone Day School: Gray Stone day school opened in their new building in January. It is a beautiful building and as a community we can be proud of the facility and the school. The accomplishments of the students and teachers are many and it has a reputation of being one of the finest schools in the state.

Village Website: The Village has a new website which may be viewed at .  There is a lot of information on the site including Board members, contact information, zoning ordinances, minutes and maps. Upcoming meeting information and announcements of current happenings are also available.

Recycling: The Village decided to join Richfield and New London to bid garbage and recycling services. Waste Management won the bid and will begin services in July. Garbage will be picked up in the green canisters every week on Tuesday as usual.  Recycling has been extended to all households in the community and will be picked up in the brown canisters every other week on Thursdays.  An information sheet on the back of this newsletter provides more details about recycling. It is illegal to put so many things in the garbage and recycling is now a must.

July 11 Public  Meeting Concerning Stanly County comprehensive Transportation Plan: On July 11, there will be a public meeting at the Community Building for public comment on the Stanly County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.  DOT will be present to explain the Plan which contains a US 52 Bypass around Misenheimer. The bypass begins above Misenheimer and curves around the north side of US 52 through the tip of Pfeiffer’s property and then returns to US 52 along the general area of Culp Road.

Village Sidewalks: The Village plans to build sidewalks in the coming year using accumulated Powell money provided from gasoline tax money. Hopefully we will be able to extend sidewalks towards Richfield and along Wesley Chapel using public road right of way. Such use requires discussions with DOT

Thread Trail: The Village joined Richfield and New London in a Planning Grant Application for the Thread Trail. The Thread Trail is a fourteen county initiative for developing various trail types which are connected. We have asked for monetary support to plan an eleven mile hiking and biking trail beginning south of New London and continuing through New London, Richfield, and Misenheimer. The grant would allow the specific trail location to be developed. We will receive notification in September if we were successful.

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