Village of Misenheimer

Village Council Meeting

April 11, 2011



         Michael Riemann, Mayor, Village Council

        Michael Burrage, Village Council

         Peter Edquist, Village Council

         Jim Gulledge, Village Council

         Michael Herron, Village Council

         Pam Humphreys, Guest


 Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and declared a quorum present.

 Moment of Reflection/Introspection:

 Approval of Agenda: Herron moved the Agenda be approved. Edquist seconded the motion which was approved with 5/0 voting in favor.

 Mayor’s Report: Mayor Riemann reported the following activities since the last meeting.

Completed Projects

      1.       Did first Tri-City Mayors radio program

      2.       Placed Clerk position ads

      3.       Sent letters to 75 clerk applicants

      4.       Completed arrangements for Gladstone Academy purchase

      5.       Completed final check off of community building

      6.       Completed report for Board of Elections and solved de-annexation questions

      7.       Worked on letters and resolutions for Thread Trail Grant

      8.       Prepared rough draft of Thread Trail Grant

      9.       Reviewed Thread Trail Grant with Mayors

    10.   Worked on details of radio program with Mayors

    11.   Prepared preliminary budget with Mike Burrage

  Meetings Attended

      1.       NCLM Insurance Forum in Albemarle

      2.       TAC Meeting

      3.       Met with Police Chief and Pfeiffer on police contract

       4.       Regional Transportation Planning Charlotte

       5.       Liaison Meeting at Gray Stone

       6.       RPO Regional Meeting in Rock Hill

       7.       Mayors Meeting


To Do

       1.      Prepare letter to Hannon

       2.      Prepare letters to owners of abandoned mobile homes

       3.      Finish Thread Trail Grant Application

       4.      Prepare Newsletter

       5.      Move Powell Money April 25-29

       6.      Start process for Gray Stone scholarships

       7.       Prepare Insurance Reports for NCLM

       8.      Prepare Board of Elections Report

       9.      Prepare Workman’s Comp Audit Report

Things Coming Up

       1.      Interview Clerk Applicants

       2.      Review Solid Waste Bids

 Approval of the Minutes from the March 14, 2011 Meeting: Edquist moved that the minutes be approved and the motion was seconded by Burrage.  The motion carried 5/0.

 Report of Gladstone Academy Purchase: Riemann reported that the Village had closed on the Gladstone Academy property and that the property now belongs to the Village of Misenheimer. The purchase price was $25,000 and the total including fees and surveying was $26,385.11. Edquist requested that Riemann get a bid for clearing the property and to bring it back to council at the May meeting for consideration. Riemann agreed.

Clerk Position Update and Process Discussion: Riemann reported he had received 108 resumes and of that number, approximately 60 had the experience, tools and education to qualify for the job. He asked the Council if it would be acceptable for Jim Gulledge to help in the review process. It was agreed that after Riemann and Gulledge did preliminary interviews, they would present three candidates to the Council at the May meeting for a final decision.

Carolina thread Trail Update: Riemann reported that he had secured letters of support and that Stewart Engineering had agreed to serve as the consultant. Riemann asked for a motion to approve a Resolution which specifies Council’s support and the Village’s commitment to provide $3333.33 in matching money toward the $20,000 grant request. Edquist made the motion which was seconded by Burrage and approved 5/0.

Waste Contract Update: Riemann indicated that there was still interest in bidding, that bids were due on April 20 and that the three mayors had agreed to meet on April 21 to consider the bids and to make recommendations.

Pfeiffer Contract Update: Pfeiffer is still planning to contribute $220,000 toward the contract. Riemann will talk to Bobby Stewart and Mike Miller about possible personnel changes.

Gray Stone Scholarship Award Approval: Discussion was held on whether scholarships were the most beneficial contribution to Gray Stone. Riemann suggested that this conversation be held earlier in the year next year and that we proceed as usual with the scholarships in the current year. Herron made the motion to accept the suggestion. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 5/0. Riemann agreed to take the scholarship information to Gray Stone.

Approval of Filing Fee Amount: Edquist moved that the Village of Misenheimer election filing fee be set at the minimum of five dollars ($5.00). The motion was seconded by Herron and approved by a vote of 5/0.

Approval of Current Budget Change: Herron moved to increase the capital improvements budget from $10000 to $40000 in order to accommodate the purchase of the Glad Stone Academy property. The motion was seconded by Gulledge and approved 5/0.

Preliminary Review of the 2011-12 Budget: A budget planning document was presented by Riemann and Burrage. The document showed revenues and expenditures for the past two years and then projected revenues and expenditures for 2011-12. A recommendation was made to separate the budget for the Powell Fund, which is restricted, from the General Fund which is unrestricted. Riemann then reviewed percentage allocations that were agreed to by Council last year. Preliminary amounts were under allowed amounts for all the basic services. Preliminary amounts were over allowed amounts for General Operation, Community Outreach, and Reserve Fund. Finally a report listing budget items requested and budget items requested in the past was reviewed.

Closed Session: Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318-11 Part a(5). Edquist made the motion which was seconded by Herron and which passed 5/0.

Resumption of Regular Meeting: The regular meeting resumed at 8:50PM.

Adjournment: Edquist moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:50PM. The motion was seconded by Gulledge and the motion passed 5/0.




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       J. Michael Riemann, Mayor               Date          Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem         Date



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