Village of Misenheimer

Village Council Meeting

March 14, 2011



        Michael Riemann, Mayor, Village Council

        Michael Burrage, Village Council

        Peter Edquist, Village Council

        Jim Gulledge, Village Council

        Michael Herron, Village Council


Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and declared a quorum present.


Moment of Reflection/Introspection:


Approval of Agenda: Burrage moved the Agenda be approved. Herron seconded the motion which was approved with 5/0 voting in favor.


Richfield-Misenheimer Fire Department Report: Chief David Isenhour presented the 2010 Fire Department Report. The report indicated that individual training hours had increased over previous years. Total calls for the fire district had increased as had calls for Misenheimer and Pfeiffer.


Mayor’s Report: Mayor Riemann reported the following activities since the last meeting.


Completed Projects

1.       Met with Rex Rogers about Gladstone decision

2.       Contacted Deeck Mechanical about heat pump decision

3.       Contacted BD’s General Contracting, INC about Community Building construction decision

4.       Arranged with Mayors method of handling Solid waste disposal bids

5.       Worked on details of Thread Trail Grant with Mayors

6.       Worked on details of radio program with Mayors

7.       Followed up with Duke Energy on power pole

8.       Met with Pfeiffer President Miller on Thread Trail

9.       Sent Waste vendors email to inquire if they had all necessary information

10.   Worked on writing CTT grant and securing letters of support

11.   Arranged for Gladstone deed preparation and land preparation and survey

12.   Arranged for Planning Board program

13.   Obtained Village state maintained road right of way information

14.   Checked on Board of Elections de-annexation question


Meetings Attended

1.       Census software training

2.       Gray Stone Building Dedication Feb 22 4:00PM

3.       Richfield COG Meeting

4.       COG Regional Planning Meeting

5.       Mayors Meeting

6.       TCC Meeting

7.       CTP Focus Group Meeting


To Do


1.      Newsletter


Things Coming Up


1.      Misenheimer Liaison Meeting March 29 6:30PM

Approval of the Minutes from the February 14, 2011 Meeting: Herron moved that the minutes be approved and the motion was seconded by Burrage.  The motion carried with 4/0 voting in the affirmative and Edquist abstaining.

Approval of Changes to Planning Board Procedures: The Council considered the following recommendation from the Planning Board:


“In order to make the Rules of Procedures for both the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board compatible for joint meetings, we recommend the following changes to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure. The quarterly meeting schedule would be changed from the current June, September, December, and March schedule to a July, October, January and April schedule. In addition elections would be held in July instead of June.”


Herron moved that the recommendation be approved. The motion was seconded by Edquist and the motion passed 5/0.


Gladstone Academy Update: Riemann reported that the deed was being prepared by Crawford Rippy of Brown, Brown and Brown and the survey by Rogell Hunsucker. The property had to be bush-hogged prior to the survey and thus the survey is still not done. The property is expected to close prior to the next Council meeting.


Approval of Community Building Bids: Riemann reported that most of the inside work contracted had been completed. The concrete for the porch and ramp will be poured in the coming week. A final approval check will follow.


Clerk Position Update and Process Discussion: Riemann reported he had placed the position with the Employment Office four days previously and already had received resumes from good candidates. Ads will run in Albemarle and Salisbury for three Sundays. We will stop accepting applications at the end of the month. Initial interviews with selected applicants will occur during April, and finalists will be interviewed at the May Council meeting. The job starts June 1.


Carolina thread Trail Update: We will receive a letter of support from Pfeiffer which is important. Other letters of support will be solicited. The current goal is to finish the rough draft by April 5.


Waste Contract Update: Four major companies plus Green Pieces have expressed an interest in the solid waste bid. All have indicated they have the information to make the bid.


Richfield Sidewalk Update: The DOT Right of Way Department provided right of way information for all state maintained roads in the Village. All have 60’ right of way except Merner Terrace (50’) and US 52. US 52 has 60’ right of way through Pfeiffer but has no right of way north of Pfeiffer. DOT expressed doubt they would allow a curb and gutter along US 52 and recommended trying to build all sidewalks away from all state roads.


Discussion on Planning Board Assignment: The Planning Board will move forward on planning improved Zoning Ordinances. Sidewalks will also be considered. A program on septic systems and the ability of municipal land to perk has been scheduled for the April meeting.


Pfeiffer Contract Update: The Police Department has a meeting scheduled March 18 to discuss budget needs. A subsequent March meeting will be scheduled for Riemann, Wyrick and Stewart (Pfeiffer).


Closed Session: Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318-11 Part a(5). Edquist made the motion which was seconded by Herron and which passed 5/0.


Resumption of Regular Meeting: The regular meeting resumed at 8:50PM.



Adjournment: Burrage moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:50PM. The motion was seconded by Herron and the motion passed 5/0.





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       J. Michael Riemann, Mayor               Date          Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem         Date


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