Village of Misenheimer

Village Council Meeting

February 14, 2011



        Michael Riemann, Mayor, Village Council

        Michael Burrage, Village Council

        Michael Herron, Village Council

        Tracey Wyrick, Police Chief

        Luke Hatley, Probationary Officer

        Maxton McDowell, Auditor (late arrival)


Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and declared a quorum present.


Moment of Reflection/Introspection:


Approval of Agenda: Herron moved the Agenda be approved. Burrage seconded the motion which was approved with 3/0 voting in favor.


Police Report: Chief Wyrick introduced Luke Hatley who is a new probationary officer. Officer Hatley presented his background to Council and was asked questions by Council. Officer Hatley then left the meeting. Herron asked Wyrick if anything had been determined about the newspaper box behind the Gladstone Academy Building. Wyrick indicated he had not investigated yet because of recent weather.


Closed Session: Chief Wyrick requested a Closed Session. Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318.11 (a) (6). The motion was made by Burrage, seconded by Herron and the motion passed by a 3/0 vote.


Resumption of Regular Meeting: The regular Council meeting resumed at 7:25PM


Audit Report: Maxton McDowell arrived to present the 2009-2010 Audit report. The finances of the Village are in good shape and the Letter of Management did not reveal any significant problems. Total net assets were listed as $656,078 with $452,262 in cash or cash equivalents. $63,341 is Powell Bill money and is restricted for the use of bicycle path and sidewalk construction.


Mayor’s Report: Mayor Riemann reported the following activities since the last meeting.


 Completed Projects

1.       Basic website done

2.       Solid waste proposal submitted

3.       Worked on Richfield sidewalk project issues

4.       Resolved CTP sidewalk data issue and CTP planning issue

5.       Resolve Phase II Storm water issue

6.       Worked on Clerk job description

7.       Received notification that we can apply for Thread Trail grant

8.       Worked on Community Building bids and power line

9.       Made arrangements for March liaison meeting

10.   Completed Department of Revenue Report


      Meetings Attended

1.       TCC Meeting

2.       Pfeiffer President Miller

3.      TAC Meeting

4.      Website training

5.      Liaison Meeting

6.      Chamber Meeting

7.      Mayors meeting

8.      Gold Hill Preservation Society Board Meeting

Approval of the Minutes from the January 10, 2011 Meeting: Burrage moved that the minutes be approved and the motion was seconded by Herron.  The motion carried with 3/0 voting in the affirmative.



Approval of the Budget Adjustments: Burrage, Finance Officer, reported on the status of revenue accounts as well as expenditure accounts. After some discussion, it was decided to change all revenue and expenditure account to current projected values. As a result, revenues and expenditures would increase $6,753 and the fund balance surplus would decrease from $33,384 to $30,485. Herron moved that Council approve the Budget Adjustments. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 3/0.



Approval of Community Building Bids: Two heating/cooling system bids were presented. Both bids proposed using the current heat pump, removing the old furnace, and adding a blower with heat strips. After some discussion, it was decided to accept the low bid of $3,325 offered by Deeck Mechanical.


A bid from BD’s General Contracting INC was presented. The bid in the amount of $7,176 included a concrete porch for the front entrance, a handicap walkway to the front entrance, two new doors with crash bars for the front entrance, a new door with crash bar for the side entrance, reconstruction of both bathrooms to make them handicapped accessible, and a new attic stairwell. It was decided additional bids would not be necessary. Herron moved that the bid be accepted. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed with 3/0 voting in the affirmative.


Riemann reported that Duke Energy had been contacted about connecting a wire to our panel box. After discussions with Duke, it was decided that an overhead wire could be run more quickly and with no apparent cost. Duke has marked the location of the pole and indicated the work would probably be done by March 20. Riemann provided them with the required panel box inspection number.


Carolina thread Trail Update: Postponed until March meeting,


Richfield Sidewalk Update: Postponed until March meeting.


Discussion on Planning Board Assignment: Postponed until March meeting,


Closed Session: Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318-11 Part a(5). Herron made the motion which was seconded by Burrage and which passed 3/0.


Resumption of Regular Meeting: The regular meeting resumed at 9:15PM.


Purchase of Gladstone Academy Property: Herron made a motion to accept the Gladstone Academy property sale price ($25,000) offered by the Rogers family. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion carried with 3/0 voting in the affirmative.


Adjournment: Herron moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:27PM. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 3/0.





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       J. Michael Riemann, Mayor               Date          Michael Herron, Mayor Pro-Tem         Date


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