Village of Misenheimer

Village Council Meeting

January 10, 2011



        Michael Riemann, Mayor, Village Council

        Michael Burrage, Village Council

        Michael Herron, Village Council

        Jim Gulledge


Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and declared a quorum present.


Moment of Reflection/Introspection:


Approval of Agenda: Herron moved the Agenda be approved. Burrage seconded the motion which was approved with 3/0 voting in favor.


Appointment to Council Position Vacated by Bolton: Jim Gulledge was presented by Riemann who indicated that Gulledge was a long time member of the community and had helped in the incorporation of the Village. Riemann further indicated the Gulledge had agreed to serve on the Council in the spot vacated by Jennifer Bolton. Herron moved that Gulledge be appointed to Council. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 3/0.


Mayor’s Report: Mayor Riemann reported the following activities since the last meeting.


     Completed Projects

1.       Sent letter to Albemarle Insurance thanking them for service

2.       Completed documentation to initiate Workmen’s Comp insurance

3.       Communicated with CTT and consulting company on CTT grant

4.       Prepared and submitted a Letter of Interest for a CTT grant

5.       Prepared RFP for Solid Waste and Recycling bid which will be distributed Feb.1, 2011.

6.       Planned January financial cycle

7.       Worked on Richfield-Misenheimer sidewalk right of way


      Meetings Attended

1.       TCC Planning Meeting

2.       Mayor’s Meeting


Approval of the Minutes from the December 20, 2010 Meeting: Burrage moved that the minutes be approved and the motion was seconded by Herron.  The motion carried with 3/0 voting in the affirmative and Gulledge abstaining.



Approval of the Board of Adjustment Rules of Procedure: Riemann indicated that the Rules of Procedure for the Board of adjustment had been distributed at the last meeting and that Peter Edquist had requested time to read them. Riemann indicated that he had not heard from Edquist about the rules. Herron moved that Council approve the Rules of Procedure. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 3/0 with Gulledge abstaining.


Approval of a Blue Cross-Blue Shield Plan for Employees: Riemann reviewed the various contract proposals from Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Maintaining the current the current Dental Plan will cost an additional $75.75 per month (20% increase). Maintaining the current Health Insurance will cost an additional $334.26 per month (12.24% increase).  A second option which was appealing would reduce current costs by %5.42. However it would increase the deductible and maximum out of pocket by 150% and trips to the emergency room and urgent care would be full pay up to the maximum out of pocket. Some discussion centered around our dental benefit and whether it was too generous. After considerable discussion, Burrage moved that we stay with our current benefits but that we do a benefits comparison with other municipalities and after discussions with employees, make a decision prior to the new budget year about our benefits for next year. Gulledge seconded the motion which passed 4/0.


Discussion of the Community Building Project: Riemann suggested that perhaps he take the lead on the Community Building project. It was decided that the items to be done would be the front porch with handicapped walk, the front doors with crash bars, the back door with crash bar, at least one handicapped accessible bathroom, and wiring to the building. If funds allow, the ceiling stairway should be replaced and the old trailer bed should be removed.

Possible contractors were discussed.


Discussion on Planning Board Assignment: At the joint meeting last June, Council requested that the Planning Board look at sidewalks, lighting and the Land Use Map. Riemann suggested that after our recent rezoning proposal discussions, we might want the Board to look at modifying our Zoning Ordinance. This might be approached by having the Planning Board with help from the department of Health, review the ability of large parcels of land in the village to perk. Ideal size of land parcels might then be determined for Zoning purposes. The current Ordinance has some flaws and does not have a subdivision portion. The Village would need to contract with someone to help with the revision. Work by the organization contracted could begin in the new budget year. It was the consensus of the Council that we should proceed in this direction.


Discussion on Website Information: Herron expressed a concern about posting personal email addresses because there are spybots on the web that automatically harvest posted email addresses and sell them to spammers.  After some discussion, it was decided the website would be altered to fit the preferences of each individual Council and Board member.


Closed Session: Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318-11 Part a(5). Herron made the motion which was seconded by Burrage and which passed 4/0.


Adjournment: Herron moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:17PM. The motion was seconded by Burrage and the motion passed 4/0.





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       J. Michael Riemann, Mayor               Date                Paula Russo, Clerk                         Date


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