Village of Misenheimer

Village Council Meeting

December 20, 2010



        Michael Riemann, Mayor, Village Council

        Michael Burrage, Village Council

        Peter Edquist, Village Coucil

        Michael Herron, Village Council

        Connie and Mitchell Porter, Property Owners


Call to Order: Mayor Riemann called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and declared a quorum present.

Moment of Reflection/Introspection


Approval of Agenda: Burrage moved the Agenda be approved. Herron seconded the motion which was approved with 4/0 voting in favor.


Move to Public Hearing: Herron made a motion that the Council go into Public Hearing. The motion was seconded by Edquist and the motion was approved 4/0.


Declaration of Proper Notification and Introduction of Visitors:  Mayor Riemann stated that all notices required by the Zoning Ordinance had been placed. Connie and Mitchell Porter who had  filed the application for rezoning were introduced.


Presentation and Discussion of Rezoning Application: Council members received Rezoning Information Packets. Mayor Riemann presented the following summary of the Planning Board hearing:

Connie Porter has requested that property at the corner of Glenmore and US 52 (tax id 25256, partial number 661303447255) be rezoned from RA to HB. At the Planning Board hearing Ms Porter indicated she planned to use the property for a tanning salon. The property north and across Glenmore is currently zoned CB and the property south is currently zoned HB. At the Planning Board hearing, some concern was raised by neighbors about what would happen to the property in terms of use if the business was sold. Ms. Porter indicated she might have as many as five tanning beds, and that she would want a sign or signs. Parking would accommodate customers and staff and would be where it currently is if allowed by DOT. Ms Porter was informed that in the future, a US 52 bypass may be built. The Planning Board had much discussion which centered around the neighborhood on the west which is zoned RA and felt that because of the proximity of that property, the zoning should be the more restrictive than HB and thus recommends IU zoning for the property. The Planning Board also found this recommendation to be compatible with the Land Use Plan which states that most of the Village business should be located along the highway.


The Mayor indicated that the Porter’s would entertain any questions. Herron questioned why the application was approved IU when the original application requested HB. Riemann reported that the Planning Board seemed worried that the property was so close to neighboring residences. Connie Porter reported that the Planning Board seemed to be concerned about clubs at the location. Edquist asked the Porters what zoning they preferred. They indicated they liked HB because it allowed for small engine repair and equipment rental which they might want to do if the tanning salon did not work out. Riemann indicated that the Zoning Ordinance probably needs to be reworked and IU might be phased out. He thought it best to leave the rezoning at IU because it would support the work of the Planning Board and would allow the Porters to do what they initially want to do. After Zoning Ordinance changes, the Porters would likely move to a less restrictive zoning category. After considerable discussion, the Council indicated they were ready to vote.


Close Public Hearing:  Herron made a motion to move out of Public Hearing. The motion was seconded by Edquist and the motion passed 4/0.


Decision on Rezoning Application: Burrage moved that the Rezoning Application be approved as recommended by the Planning Board. Herron seconded the motion which passed 4/0.


Approval of the Minutes from the November 8, 2010 Meeting: Edquist moved that the minutes be approved and the motion was seconded Burrage.  The motion carried with 4/0 voting in the affirmative.


Mayor’s Report-A Brief Report of Recent Village Activities:  Due to time restraints, the Mayor’s Report and the Police Report were presented as written reports and there was no discussion.


Financial Issues: Riemann reported that the AFIR report done by accountant Greg Blake indicated revenues generated were in excess of expenditures by approximately $50,000. Burrage and Herron agreed to transfer the recently received Powell money from checking to the Powell Fund account during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Riemann and Burrage will present recommendations for budget changes at the January meeting. The Auditor will also present his report at the January meeting.


 Website Status Report and Discussion: Riemann reported that the new Website was taking shape and that he had received training to make changes to the site. Herron was not pleased with the Chapel Icon. Discussion centered on how an Icon might be chosen. Council members were encouraged to view the site as it continues to develop.


Thread Trail Grant Letter of Interest: Riemann requested that Council allow him to submit a Letter of Interest for a grant to Carolina Thread Trail. The Letter would indicate that New London, Richfield, and Misenheimer were planning to submit a planning grant request for $20,000 which would be matched by $10,000 from the three communities. Edquist made a motion to approve the submittal of the Letter of Interest. The motion was seconded by Herron and approved by a vote of 4/0.


Board Membership Approval: December is renewal time for some Board positions. Herron moved that Riemann be reappointed to the TCC, TAC and COG Boards and that Edquist be reappointed to the CVB. Burrage seconded the motion which passed 4/0.


Waste Management Contract Extension: Riemann requested that the Council approve a contract extension with Waste Management. The extension from February 28 to June 30 is for the purpose of a joint bid with the towns of New London, Richfield and Misenheimer and there is no increase in service price. Herron made the motion, Edquist seconded it, and the motion carried 4/0.  After discussion, it was decided that the bid proposal should keep recycling voluntary.


Workers Comp Bid Decision: The Workman’s Comp bids from Albemarle Insurance and the North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM) were reviewed.  NCLM had the lowest bid by more than $1300. Herron moved that the bid from NCLM be accepted and that the Resolution to become a member of the North Carolina Interlocal risk Management Agency be accepted. The motion was seconded by Burrage and passed 4/0.


Board of Adjustment Rules of Procedure: The Board of Adjustment Rules of Procedure developed by Council of Government (COG) were presented. Edquist requested more time to read the Procedures. It was decided to delay voting on the Rules until the January meeting.


Vacant Council Position: The Council position created by the resignation of Jennifer Bolton was discussed. A number of citizens were discussed as possibilities and the Mayor was asked to make inquiries and to bring forth a nomination as soon as possible.


Closed Session: Riemann requested a motion to go into Closed Session as allowed by State Statute 143-318-11 Part a(5). Edquist made the motion which was seconded by Herron and which passed 4/0.


Adjournment: Burrage moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:37PM. The motion was seconded by Herron and the motion passed 4/0.





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       J. Michael Riemann, Mayor               Date                Paula Russo, Clerk                         Date


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