Village of Misenheimer

Board of Adjustment Meeting

November 18, 2010 7PM

Community Building


Amanda Barringer, Board Member

Arhen Burrage, Board Member

Donnie Day, Board Member

Nancy Henderson, Board Member

Joel Rogers, Board Member

Jana McMakin, COG

Mike Riemann, Mayor


Determination of Quorum; Recording of Voting Members:  Barringer called the meeting to order and declared a quorum present. Barringer, Burrage, Day, Henderson and Rogers were declared voting members.

Approval of September 23, 2010 Meeting Minutes: Henderson made a motion to approve the September 23, 2010 Special Meeting minutes. Day seconded the motion which was approved 5/0.

Hearing of Cases (None):

Other Business

a.      Election of Chairman: Barringer called for nominations for Chairman. Rogers nominated Barringer. When no other nominations were forthcoming, Roger moved that the nominations be closed and that Barringer be accepted by acclimation. The motion was seconded by Day and the motion passed unanimously.


b.      Election of Vice-Chairman: Barringer called for nominations for Vice-Chairman. Rogers nominated Day. There were no other nominations and Rogers moved that Day be accepted as Vice-Chairman. Burrage seconded the motion which passed 5/0.


c.       Discussion and Approval of Rules of Procedure:  Jana McMakin presented the revised Rules of Procedure. She indicated that all suggestions from the previous meeting had been incorporated into the document. There were no questions so Henderson moved approval of Rules of Procedure document. The motion was seconded by Rogers and the motion passed 5/0.


d.      Presentation of Training Session (Jana McMakin): Jana McMakin of COG presented a training session using a power point presentation. Handout were used by Board members to record questions. The Board questions covered a number of topics but several focused on clarification of Board of Adjustment issues versus Planning Board issues. Another concern was legal representation.


Consideration and Determination of Cases (None):


Adjourn: The Chairman asked for a motion to adjourn. The motion by Day, second by Henderson was passed unanimously.

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