September 30, 2010

It is our intent to put out a newsletter twice a year. The purpose of the newsletter is to help keep the residents informed of happenings in Misenheimer and in particular keep you informed of Village Council actions.


1.   Fall Celebration – Saturday, October 30 (11AM-Until)

The Village will be having its annual Fall Celebration on October 30 at the Community Building. There will be free food (pork and chicken slow cooked overnight), sides, and drinks. We encourage the community to bring desserts. We have outside tables and we have inside tables so no matter what the weather there will be food. Games for all ages will be set up outside. Please come and enjoy a very casual and relaxing event. Put this on your calendar.

2.   Large Item Pickup – Monday October 25

The second large item pickup of the year will occur on Monday, October 25. Please place items (appliances, furniture, etc.) at the curb.

Recent Village Council Actions Taken

1.      2010-2011 Budget

The 2010-11 Budget was established. Revenues total $399,777 with tax revenues estimated at $170,777, Pfeiffer University Police Protection contract at $220,000 and miscellaneous revenues estimated at $1,000. Expenditures total $358,393 and cover the four basic services offered by the Village (Police protection, Fire protection, Zoning and Solid Waste with recycling). Expenditures also include Community Building expenses, Village operating costs, and Village Insurance. The surplus will be transferred to reserves. Tax revenues have been decreasing and in an attempt to hold costs, employee benefits were reduced as was part-time compensation. The budget is a public record and can be obtained from the Village Clerk (704- 463-1234)





2.      Pfeiffer University Police Contract

The Village and Pfeiffer University successfully negotiated a contract for the 2010-11 budget year.  It was decided to operate on annual contracts for the foreseeable future. Previously we had operated on multiple year contracts. The new contract ($220,000) is for a smaller amount than the previous contract ($240,000).

3.      Property and Liability Insurance

The Village Council decided to bid its property and liability insurance and as a result, the Village obtained additional coverage at a reduced cost. Our insurance is now provided by the North Carolina League of Municipalities.

4.      Stanly County Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan

The Village Council approved the Stanly County Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan. Approval does not commit the Village to expenditures but it should make it easier for the Village to receive grant funds. The Plan proposes that the Thread Trail will come through the Village. The Thread Trail is a long term project involving 15 counties.

Future Village Council Decisions

1.      Workman’s Comp Insurance

The Village Council decided to bid our Workman’s Comp Insurance. The insurance provider will be selected in November.

2.      Code of Ethics

The state of North Carolina now requires ethics training for all Council members and requires the development of a Code of Ethics which will guide Council members. The Code of Ethics has been developed and will be voted on at the October meeting.

3.      Revision of Personnel Policy

The Village Council has agreed to modify the Personnel Policy, The modified Personnel Policy and Supporting Policies will be presented at the October meeting.

4.      Procedure Rules for the Board of Adjustment

The Village Council approved a contract with COG (Council of Government) to develop a set of Procedures for the Board of Adjustment. The document will be presented for approval at the November meeting.

5.      Abandoned Mobile Homes

A resolution to accept Stanly County’s Abandoned Mobile Homes Ordinance will be presented at the October meeting. If approved, a contract to initiate the removal of abandoned mobile homes in Misenheimer will be signed and implemented.



Village Council Initiatives

1.      Joint Council Meeting

The Village Council met with the Town Councils of New London and Richfield. The purpose was to find common issues and to find ways to solve problems in Northern Stanly County.

2.      Richfield Sidewalk

The Village Council and the Planning Board is working with Richfield and the Department of Transportation to determine the possibilities of building a side walk between Richfield and Misenheimer.

3.      Joint Solid Waste Bid

The Village, New London and Richfield are exploring a joint bid for Solid Waste and Recycling.  Such a bid should provide considerable financial benefit.

Illegal Waste Disposal

It is illegal to place aluminum cans, electronic waste (including batteries), motor oil, paints, etc. in our garbage cans. Aluminum may be placed in our recycling bins. Motor oil may be taken to the County Convenience centers. Electronic waste, paints and other hazardous household waste must taken to special collection centers.


The census at Pfeiffer University went quite well and essentially every student was counted. The forms sent to residences in our community were returned by 65% of households. That means census takers had to visit approximately 45 houses in our community in order to attempt to get the forms filled out. Some neighboring communities returned 77% of the forms. We will have to do better at the next census.

Gray Stone Day School

The new Gray Stone Day School construction is progressing. The earliest completion date is early January. This new facility will be an impressive and important asset to our community.

Richfield Party in the Park – Saturday, October 9, 2010

Richfield will be holding its Party in the Park on Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. If you want to see some friends, go on down and have some fun.


Community Volunteers Needed

We are constantly looking for volunteers to run for election to Council or to sit on Boards and Committees. Please call the Village Clerk (704-463-1234) if you are interested.

Council, Board Memberships, Representatives and Delagates

Council                                                         Term Ends

Jennifer Bolton                                           November, 2011

Mike Burrage                                              November, 2011

Peter Edquist                                              November, 2013

Frizbee Herron                                           November, 2013

Mike Riemann                                            November, 2013

Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

Member                                                      Term Ends

Mandy Barringer, Chairman                     June 30, 2012

Jordan Bowman                                         June 30, 2011

Donnie Day                                                 June 30, 2011

Nancy Henderson                                      June 30, 2013

Jennifer Bolton  (Alt.)                                June 30, 2013

Joel Rogers, Vice-Chairman                     June 30, 2012

Peter Edquist (Alt.)                                   June 30, 2013





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