February 23, 2010

It is our intent to put out a newsletter once a quarter. The purpose of the newsletter is to help keep the residents informed of happenings in Misenheimer and in particular keep you informed of Village Council actions.


  1. CENSUS     Beginning in early March, residents who receive their mail through Richfield will find a Census Form in the mail. Residents who receive their mail at the Misenheimer post office will find a Census Form on your door. It is important that you fill out this form and mail it back. The tax revenues that the Village receives from the State are dependent on the Census count. If you don’t fill out the Form, you won’t be included in our Census count. If you need help filling out the Form, take it to the Pfeiffer Library which is open every evening except Saturday and they will be glad to help you. Please help us complete this important endeavor.
  2. MARCH 4, 2010 MEETING   There will be an area public meeting on March 4th at the New London Community Building from 7-8:30PM. The purpose of the meeting will be to get public input on the Stanly County Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Greenways Plan for the next decade and to review purposed Stanly County Thread Trails. The Thread Tail is a fourteen county network of hiking and biking trails which will run from counties on the other side of Charlotte to the Yakin-PeeDee. A trail is proposed which runs through our community. Whether you are for or against it, your input is important. Maps and plans will be on display. This is the last chance for public input.
  3. STANLY COUNTY LAND USE PLAN   The County is redoing its Land Use Plan. Land use plans for the County will indirectly impact the Land Use Plans of municipalities like Misenheimer. The current final draft is on the County website and will be presented in a public meeting on March 8, 2010. 


  1. Last fall a new roof was placed on the community building. This is a continued effort on our part to upgrade the building.
  2. Lions Club Road was graded and the drainage was improved. The Village does not receive Powell money from the State for road improvements because the roads must be brought up to State standards by the Village before we can receive maintenance money. Wesley Chapel Road , Reeves Island Road, and Glenmore Road are State maintained. The Village will need a plan for dealing with our existing gravel and asphalt roads. The Lions Club Road project was paid out of general revenues.
  3. The Village applied and was accepted February 17, 2010 into the National Flood Insurance Plan. This allows our residents with property in the flood plain to take advantage of the benefits of the Plan. The new Flood Plain Damage Prevention Ordinance is now in effect. Maps of the flood plain are available for viewing at the Village Clerk’s office.
  4. Early last fall we began a recycling program with Green Pieces. Containers are provided and pick-up occurs each week. Those of us participating have been surprised at how much our normal garbage has been reduced. If you are not participating and would like to, please call Paula at the Clerk’s office (704-463-1234).
  5. For the last two years the Village has provided food for a Fall Picnic (pork and chicken are cooked overnight). Two years ago, we had approximately two hundred in attendance and last October approximately one hundred. We are planning another event for October 30. Put it on your calendar. We look forward to seeing you!
  6. Amanda Barringer, Jordan Bowman, Donnie Day, Nancy Henderson and Joel Rogers are the appointed members of both the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment. Alternate members have yet to be appointed. Amanda currently serves as Chairman and Joel serves as Vice-Chairman.
  7. Jennifer Bolton, Mike Burrage, Peter Edquist, Mike Herron and Mike Riemann are your elected Village Council members. At the January meeting the following were elected by Council: Mike Burrage, Finance Officer; Mike Herron, Mayor Pro Tem; Mike Riemann, Mayor.

We hope you find this information useful. Check out our website ( ) and send us your email address if you have one. At some point we hope to communicate electronically.

The Village Clerk’s office is located in the police station on Ward Drive on Pfeiffer University’s campus. Office hours are 9:00AM-12Noon, M-F. Phone 704-463-1234.

Village Council meetings occur on the second Monday of each month and are held at the Community Building (except in special cases) at 7:00PM.

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